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The number two of Areva, Philippe Knoche, will direct the group acting.

Approached as future operational AREVA boss, the number two of the nuclear group, Philippe Knoche, was appointed Wednesday to Transiently after the departure for reasons of health of the president of the Executive Board, Luc Oursel. Given the unavailability of Mr Luc Oursel, and in the current period of transition, the Supervisory Board decided to confer on Mr. Philippe Knoche the same powers that those of the president of the Executive Board, until the holding of the next General Assembly which will decide on the change of governance, said Areva in a press release. This Assembly, which will mark the transformation of the group into a company Board of Directors is currently scheduled on 9 December. The Areva Supervisory Board met today in Paris has renewed its confidence in the Executive Board of the group, composed of four members including Mr Oursel, said the group. 45-year-old Philippe Knoche joined Areva in 2000. The polytechnician and mining engineer is held various positions up to become CEO of the Group owned 87% by public capital in 2011. Very ill, Luc Oursel announced Monday his unexpected departure from the Presidency of the Board of Areva, nearly three and a half years after his appointment at the head of the nuclear group in trouble. In very difficult personal circumstances, despite my strong commitment to Areva, I had to bring myself to not continue my duties at the head of the company and put me off work for therapeutic reasons, had indicated the leader of 55 years in a statement. Joined Areva in 2007, Luc Oursel succeeded Anne Lauvergeon, which was the right arm, June 30, 2011, initially for a term of five years. Formally, he remains Chairman of the Board of Areva to the amendment by the Group of its mode of governance, at the request of the State wishing to increase the control of the shareholders on strategic decisions, criticised in the spring in an original of the Court of Auditors which considered the period Lauvergeon. -Future CEO? -In the framework of this new structure, Philippe Knoche could become director-general while the current President of the Supervisory Board, Pierre Blayau, preside over the Board of Directors. However, the question of succession was removed from the agenda of the Supervisory Board, which met Wednesday, said a Union source told AFP. Until Luc Oursel disease is known, several industrial sources were for weeks the Government will replace the head of the Group badly in point, confronted with persistent difficulties on the market of nuclear and renewable energy. According to the press, Pierre Blayau argued for the appointment of Mr. Philippe Knoche at the head of the specialist of the atom. AREVA had revised downward this summer its forecasts of activity, profitability and cash flow for this year, after a loss of 694 million euros in the first half. October 7, to escape a deterioration in its credit rating, the Group had announced its intention to further reduce its investments and sell more assets to strengthen its financial structure. In a difficult context for the nuclear sector as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi, Luc Oursel is used to implement an ambitious strategic plan, centered on the strengthening of the operational performance, have said Wednesday Ministers Ségolène Royal (ecology and energy), Michel Sapin (finance) and Emmanuel Macron (economy). He worked for the renewal of the industrial tool of Areva. It has also strengthened relations with major clients of Areva and including strengthened strategic partnership with EDF, its first customer, after a period of tensions between the two public groups time to Anne Lauvergeon, they added in a joint statement. In a few days, the french energy sector has been facing with cascade upheavals: in addition to Luc Oursel unannounced departure, there was no renewal of Henri Proglio at EDF, the CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie sudden disappearance and the appointment of Isabelle Kocher as number two of GDF Suez, putting it in pole position to replace term Gérard Mestrallet. . For more data regarding this matter click page.

Lombardy, the Expo tour by Maroni and the reshuffle.

No reshuffle. At least for now. Despite the tummy ache to Italy Force. Despite the pressure (discrete, but constant) by Matteo Salvini to bring Angelo Ciocca in the bargain in the Lombardy region. Seems that Roberto Maroni, to deal with the matter now, dont have any desire. Or rather, it deems useful. Nor feasible, given the constant stop-and-go of the Governor under the Madonnina. In the sense that settles for a few days and then starts to promote Expo. According to a may report business, travel plan by Roberto Maroni, just returned from London, saw the League leaders stop for a couple of days in Milan, on the occasion of the session of the Council yesterday and then today’s inauguration of Smau, the technological fair. But already from tomorrow rebounds for Washington, where he will be in institutional mission for Expo. Operating return next Monday. So, in fact, another week will pass without significant decisions on the main policy issue on the table. Also because it seems that Maroni has once again reiterated to Salvini: the problem is not the Angel Hair, which in fact is seen as a great asset. The problem is that the Governor is pleased with the team and would not want to make changes. The solution, it seems, would come from Vice President Ma, who clearly would have said to the Governor: improves two places the team, as among other things it is allowed by law. Anyway, apart from the danger of Balkanization of the Board (still present), the Governor would like to discuss the reshuffle under Christmas, when the Delrio and especially the stability Law will have points and decisions taken. Also because questions about proxies are many. And among these: If Fabrizio was enhanced as Room deserves, and as the President thinks you deserve, with a Minsitry of Expo, what will you do when the Expo is over?. You should read the following to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

The 300 billion euros of investment for the EU detailed before Christmas.

I will not here describe you the contents of this package. How can I, for that matter, when my new team members have not yet met to discuss? I would ask you just to make me enough confidence. You have my word that the members of my Committee and myself working us day and night to this task from our entry into function. If you bring us your support today, we will present you the package by Christmas. This is not a promise, it is an assertion. An ambition shared by key countries of the Union as the France and the Germany.  Paris and Berlin pledged Monday last to complete this European plan by issuing joint proposals in the near future to stimulate investment. Despite their differences on how to achieve this, Ministers of economy and Finance of the two States have planned to present a joint document by December. Year-end calendar Announces project to boost European growth. . You must check the following info to discover more on this great topic.

Ragusa, father kills his daughter and flees: arrested after a night of searching.

A man shot and killed his daughter at the peak of a dispute and then fled away by losing his trail. The crime occurred in the late evening on Tuesday in Torrevecchia Carnazza, Comiso’s territory, in the province of Ragusa. The victim was a 37-year-old Tunisian married and mother of three children under the age of 18. His identity was not known at the moment because the investigators had not yet been able to tell her children. The murderer, would in fact his father, after he shot and killed the woman fled away only to be found and arrested after a night of research conducted by the police, even with a helicopter. When it was captured by the flying squad of Ragusa, the man was still in possession of the pistol with which he shot his daughter. The corpse of 37 years was discovered Tuesday evening by police in rural areas of the country, following a report at 113. On the spot are completing the survey science police men to ascertain the exact dynamics of what happened. According to an initial reconstruction of events, the woman would be killed with a gunshot to his father during the umpteenth lite for economic quarrels between the murderer and the victim’s son-in-law. . For extra information regarding this matter click web site.

TV 21.10. Tip: If the gondolas wear mourning: died as the girl in the Red rain coat.

If the gondolas wear mourning 0 20: 00, ARD THRILLER enemy in sight! croaks the toy soldier still mechanically, the little girl in the Red rain coat is holding in the hand. But too late: As the Restorer John Baxter (Donald Sutherland), his daughter out of the water pulling the lifeless body, Christine is drowned already. His desperate face, his cry as he understands what has just happened, will stay with me. Forever. I’m not a father. Exactly why I can not presume me to understand how bad it must be to lose a child in the approach. But understand I can, why Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) in the Providence of this strange old blind Lady finds consolation that supposedly has the second face. Her daughter is fine. John, however, holds the Lady and her friend for charlatans, dare even the two, to have something to do with a series of murders that keeps the police in Venice in breath. But then he begins to see strange things. Like I would write more on this map – about the successful use of leitmotifs, about the girl in red and Roeg as a Director who is Hitchcock in terms of mise en scène and match cuts in anything. But that would spoil the fun of first seeing you. Check out don’t look now, as the film in the original, best as ignorant as possible at. And should you want to know more then, this excellent review of the film Center at the heart of whether you set. . Related info can be inspected reading

Monica Lewinsky is committed against cyber-harassment.

"We go". Monday, Monica Lewinsky has taken its first step on Twitter. The arrival on the social network of the trainee of the White House for least been noticed. Thus, his inaugural message was shared by more than 3000 users. And only two tweets later, the certified account @MonicaLewinsky was already around 50. 000 subscribers. 41 years, one that will remain forever associated with former president Bill Clinton, with whom she maintained a liaison in 1998, today presents itself as a "social activist", public intervener and contributor to Vanity Fair magazine. It reveals the passage a passion previously unknown for knitting. Monica Lewinsky also took the day Monday to make his first public statements at the Summit Under 30, dedicated to young talents and organized by Forbes magazine. The opportunity for it to present its new workhorse: cyber-harassment. Monica Lewinsky, holder of a master’s degree in psychology from the prestigious London School of Economics, had already announced in June last in Vanity Fair its intention to commit to "victims of humiliation and harassment online. She, again, explained Monday painful memories that had brings back the suicide of Tyler Clementi in 2010. The young 18-year-old student was filmed by a classmate while he was kissing another man. Images were then posted on the Internet. Monica Lewinsky had met the parents of the young man. . Original facts could be read reading this

Isis, new raid Coalition aircraft and Kobane gunfights.

While there are new clashes between the jihadists and the Kurdish militia of Ypg defending the Syrian city on the border with Syria. Ne d news the National Observatory for human rights (Ondus). According to local witnesses, a militiaman of Isis you blew up a car bomb near a Kurdish station in the East of the city. Controversy between Greece and Turkey. The Turkey undermines the dialogue on the Cyprus problem and creates a hotbed of crisis at a time when the international community’s attention should be directed to the Isis Kobane and the fight against international terrorism. that said, among other things, the Deputy premier and Foreign Minister Rahmawati Greek Venizelos referring to illegal entry yesterday for oil research ship Barbaros in Turkish exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Cyprus. The Turkey-added Venizelos-must realize that the Republic of Cyprus a reality. Unlike hurdles put herself unbeatable Ankara on its path and its own European prospects, he added the Greek Minister. We therefore call on the Turkey-said Venizelos-to reverse the course not only of his ship, but also of its foreign policy, to support the negotiations on the Cyprus problem and to move within the framework of the international legalit framework for our bilateral relations and its European perspective. . You can visit the following url to learn more regarding this great matter.

Nurse cured by EbolaTorna immediately to work in Africa.

It just recovered from Ebola virus, but decided to return to Sierra Leone to help the infected. It is the story of heroism, a nurse, the Briton William Pooley, who returned to work in Africa after treatment in London. Pooley had contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and had been repatriated in the United Kingdom in August. The Group reports the King’s Health Partners, explaining that Pooley will start working in an isolation unit for Ebola patients operated by the Organization in Freetown. The nurse was treated in an isolation of the Royal Free Hospital, where he was given the experimental drug ZMapp. Pooley, interviewed by the Guardian, said there is still much to be done in those regions, and he who was lucky she feels compelled to lend a hand. I know that I could go home and not be cured in Africa gave me a lot of hope, "he told reporters in the press conference convened after healing. See "the plane that was waiting for me and a team of British, was simply amazing, a relief." But despite the joy in the success of the treatments and the victory over the disease, the look of Pooley will sail to sadness when i remember back to the days when he walked through the streets of Sierra Leone: ‘ for me-he says-it is a privilege to look into the eyes of those who suffer. " For this reason the nurse announced from the start of "wanting to do something and to be" even more determined to go back there. " In the interview with the Guardian Pooley also describes the conditions of hospitals in Africa, that even come close to those of the Center where he was treated: "over there there are few resources and little dignity for dying patients and convalescents (,.). When I started there were not enough equipment, there was no running water, there were no blankets or towels to clean patients maybe incontinent, often confused, so you can imagine, with diarrhea and vomiting, patients are in horrible conditions. " Hospitals in Sierra Leone, British nurse says, "there is nothing that you could use to help» Ebola patients. «You can just improvise, find a way to clean them and try to find something. " And precisely for this reason decided to return there, "the least I could do was go back and return the favor." . Extended text can be inspected checking article.

Lyricist Claude François found slain in his home.

VIDEOS – Nicolas Skorsky died in his Parisian apartment in the 17th arrondissement. 62 years old, this singer-songwriter had signed great success as it goes and it comes back, song popular and eventually you get used. In the early 1970s, it enters within the Carrere label, as singer-songwriter. He played his first piece like I love in 1972. A period Golden for Nicolas Skorsky who becomes the songwriter of hits from the French song: it goes and it comes back, popular song, and a French song by Claude François, eventually you get used by Daniel Guichardet to nothing hide you Marie Laforêt. After its success, Nicolas Skorsky turned to production and turned to disco, at the end of the 1970s, with tubes that are exported to the United States and the Japan. He also launched the Santa Esmeralda group, which was a great success in France and abroad. The artist also wrote for films and commercials, including Sevilla Nights with Santa Esmeralda, for the soundtrack of the film thank God it’s Friday with Donna Summeren 1978. He made a foray into electronic music, in the 1990s, successfully Hit Steady Go from Rozline Clarke. He also collaborated with singer Lââm and tries to rap with the title I Voulais de Sully Sefil, in 2001, single certified gold with more than 100. 000 copies sold. A multi-adapter artist, who had stood, this year, as a candidate to the Board of Directors of Sacem, the society of authors, composers and publishers of music. . You must check the following to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Hong Kong: students and Government meet for the first time.

The Hong Kong students, spearhead of the pro-democracy movement, and local government meet for the first time Tuesday in addition to three weeks of demonstrations during a dialogue which few observers expect that it will end the crisis the last comments of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who repeated that for fully free elections were impossible and would enable the less fortunate to dominate the electoral processdo not seem likely to satisfy the demands of the protesters. Since 28 September, date to which the campaign for the establishment of a genuine universal suffrage is brutally accelerated, life in the former British colony passed under Chinese tutelage is seriously disturbed. Students, took to the streets by the tens of thousands in the early days, occupied for more than three weeks three areas of this centre of international financial capitalism. If the number of protesters dropped sharply, public transport, traffic and economic activity are greatly hampered by the sit-ins. The protesters are demanding the resignation of Leung Chun-ying and the establishment of a genuine universal suffrage in the autonomous territory which is experiencing its most serious crisis political since its handover to China in 1997. -Many concerns – if China has accepted the principle of universal suffrage for the election of the next Chief Executive in 2017, intends to keep the upper hand on the electoral process by controlling applications. For the first time since 28 September, the Government has agreed to meet with students and the two parties will meet Tuesday night to discuss constitutional reform. But few observers expect that Beijing, which fears the democratic contagion, move one iota on that occasion. And concerns are great for the sequence of events because students seem not ready to cast off in. I am seriously worried, told the AFP Claudia Mo, pro-democracy MP. If it turns out that it is just a political show, a circus political political animal, people will say that should go down in the street. People are not optimistic, said Joseph Cheng, analyst and pro-democracy activist. Nobody in the pro-democracy camp expects that Beijing is the slightest concession. The situation could get worse, also considered Surya Deva, Professor of law at the City University of Hong Kong. Why the people of Hong Kong believe in the rule of law if there is no hope of political and economic autonomy?The first two weeks after the initial use by police with tear gas who had strongly shocked the spirits, the mobilization remained largely peaceful. But tensions are remounted a notch these days when the forces of order have unlocked certain lanes of traffic. They managed to Causeway Bay, shopping very popular Chinese and Admiralty, near the seat of power, but lost part of the land resumed at Mongkok, on the Mainland opposite the island of Hong Kong. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal and New York Times International, a few hours before the start of the talks, Leung Chung-ying reiterated that the freedom of the nominations were not feasible in Hong Kong. -Collusion with the elite – if that were the case, held, the electoral process would be dominated by the more numerous voters. If this is entirely a game of numbers and numerical representation, then obviously you will speak to the half of the population of Hong Kong who earns less than 1. $ 800 per month. In any case, the negotiations could be extended. A meeting of negotiations may not be sufficient to solve all the problems but be able to hold discussions is a good starting point, said the number a Hong Kong press Tuesday. The demonstrators, very young for the most part, are worried for their future political but also economic while social inequalities are increasing. The influx of Chinese from the Mainland which is partly attributed the increase in the cost of living explains this feeling, as well as the perception of the younger generation of a kind of collusion between the Government and the financial elite. Nearly 20% of the seven million people of Hong Kong, 1.31 million people, live below the poverty line, according to official figures. . Original data could be found clicking this