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Need to strengthen the air service of the French regions.

All these policies converge on the need for participation of the regions in the development and growth. However – "french paradox"-, the air service remains more focused on the Paris airports without that person there is, so far, to complain about. Yet, it is a situation unparalleled in Europe. When the Paris airports receive 90 million passengers per year, the second airport in France, Nice-Côte d’Azur, is far behind with its 11.5 million passengers – just as Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, in third position, with only 8.5 million passengers. At the same time, in Spain, the traffic is balanced between major cities: Madrid: 39.5 million passengers, Barcelona: 35, Palma: 23, Malaga: 13. Similar situation in Italy with Rome: 41 million passengers and Milan: 36 million. In Germany, Frankfurt, the first airport, totalled 58 million passengers; behind, Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg host each more passengers than Nice-Côte d’Azur. An improvement of the quality of air service to airports in the French regions would yet be a direction of growth for the territories. Direct long-haul routes with the regions of France are essential for the tourist attractiveness – leisure and business – and for the creation of wealth and employment. The extreme concentration of the French on the capital air service is a major handicap, which is more exacerbated by the regime of traffic rights – which, when they are limited, naturally leads companies to choose to serve by preference Paris rather than region airports, even when the market and profitability are there. Alas, with international service from the regions of France necessarily through the Parisian hubs or even European, it is the major part of the application that volatilizes is assumed because of the constraints of correspondence travel longer, more tiring, more complicated and often more expensive. It is a part of the richness of our regions which is so wasted and which remains uncultivated. To meet the objectives set by the Government of tourism, growth and continuation of decentralization, it must therefore, as did before us other countries (such as the United Kingdom and the Italy), open the traffic rights for large airports in the region. In this context, the Côte d’Azur and airports of Lyon – representing the first two french province airports serving also the most important regions in terms of GDP and tourism – offer to release growth deposits related to the development of long air routes – mail at the start of the regional metropolises. . For additional facts on this topic check

Visa shares gain 10 percent: Dow closes broadly in the plus.

Strong tailwind on Wall Street: the day after the disappointing fed signal strong economic data raise powerful movements. Shares of credit card issuers tighten sharply after promising numbers. The US earnings in full speed binds the attention of brokers. Day winners were the shares of visa in the Dow with 10.2 percent, which thus reached the record figure of $ 236,65 on the day after the submission of the numbers. MasterCard title won 9.4 percent. The two credit cards providers earn well on the consumer buying mood and exceeded expectations. Given the further falling oil prices could drag the energy values not in the good mood of the stock market. Shares in the oil companies Chevron climbed while up to the end of trade with 0.1 percent still slightly in the plus, ExxonMobil shares remained, however, with 0.2 percent negative. At the lower end of the US leading index the Microsoft values of technology and Intel found itself with losses of 1.2 or less than 4 percent. Traders refer to the weakness of the chip values as a burden. The exchange rate of the euro stabilised despite the good economic data from the United States and was just a little deeper than acted on the eve with 1,2606 dollars. The European Central Bank (ECB) had the reference rate on 1,2598 (Wednesday: 1,2737) set dollars. The dollar cost 0,7938 euro (0,7851). On the bond market the courses stabilised after the weakness in response to the decisions of the Central Bank the day before. The landmark ten-year U.S. Government bond gained 2/32 point to 100 19/32 points. Their yield was 2.31 percent. . Similar information can be read checking

Grigny: the trial of the exorcists of the Essonne on appeal.

It will revive abuse in this apartment from the city of the great Terminal in Grigny (Essonne). Antoinette, 22, faces again Friday to his executioners, judged on appeal before the Assizes of Seine-Saint-Denis for his removal and his imprisonment with acts of torture and barbarity. A traumatic event that captures this unobtrusive and yet very fragile, young woman slides us her lawyer, Mr. Florence Robert. Antoinette had been tied up in the position of Christ on the cross on a mattress placed on the ground. For a week, they deprived him of water, food, care, details his counsel. It is his father, who had ended his whereabouts and had given the alert. The police then found the young victim scarified, in a State of shock, and extreme thinness. At trial, the Court had retained the sequestration but not acts of torture. The four accused, which defence was unable to be reached that day, had been sentenced to 8 to 12 years in prison. They now incur life imprisonment.   . For additional data on this topic read page.

The animals are “furniture”? The debate returned to the Assembly.

Can a cat still be regarded as a piece of furniture? This is the question to which MEPs will have to respond Thursday night. For the second time this year, they will discuss the legal status of the animal in the civil Code, which remains to this day very blur. At the origin of this legislative initiative, associations for the defence of animals who want to "dust" the civil Code unchanged on the question of animals since 1804. Above all, they want to put an end to a legal paradox that has existed for more than 30 years: while the civil Code equates our dear companions to "furnished property", the rural and criminal, Codes them, already consider that animals are beings live and sensitive. Integrated into the draft law on the simplification of the law, the amendment seeks to clarify that status. In this text carried by the MP PS Colette Capdevielle, article 1A thus proposes to consider animals as "human beings living sentient sensitivity (,.)". subject to the regime of property. This new definition of the civil Code would thus align with those of criminal and rural Codes and would not affect wild animals, such as deer or wild boar. "This text is a good compromise, welcomes Jean-François Legueulle, delegate of the Federation 30 million friends. The animal is more likened to a table or a Chair. And as he continues to have an owner, is said to be subject to the regime of property. " "But, he insists, the animal is no longer an asset as such. For years, animal rights associations are fighting for a new legal status of the animal. To challenge the Government, the 30 million friends Foundation had launched a petition last year that displays far more than 750. 000 signatures. In this same perspective, it had reached harvest for its manifest signatures of 24 thinkers such as Michel Onfray or Luc Ferry. "It is more than time to harmonize our law and to put an end to an inconsistency that makes imperfect animal protection and prevents justice to apply fully when necessary", wrote Thursday Reha Hutin, the President of 30 million friends on the Plus. Associations hope that this change will have an impact on public opinion and the work of judges. While the bad treatment of animals is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and 30. 000 euro fine (according to the penal Code), "very few people are sentenced, at worst they fined small," laments Jean-François Legueulle who believes that condemnation of the ‘cat Launcher"to a year in prison in 2013 was"an exception ". This measure comes in full debate on the issue of animal welfare, supported by several intellectuals and media figures. While columnist Franz – Olivier Gisbert has just published a book *, the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard issued his plea on animals, including video. Exasperated, the main french farming Union, the National Federation of trade unions of farmers (FNSEA) denounced Wednesday a "media show" on the suffering of farmed animals. On the other hand, the Union, which feared more that all that animals have an intermediate status between that of men and goods, accept this "evolution". Under one condition: do not "calling into question the notion of the relationship between the farmer and his pet which is a relationship of subordination", said its president Xavier Beulin to Agency France-Presse. . You must check the following resource to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

Video: harassment video: actress receives death threats.

She wanted to document the sheer mass of harassment by men, who experience many women so day after day, more than a hundred times in their case a day. The Organization of Hollaback has produced the video – it aims to clarify the harassment of women in the public sphere, and, if possible, to stop. A plan which obviously hits a nerve, spread the video on Wednesday while on the Internet, more than ten million people have clicked on it. And it doesn’t even see everything on the video, the actress explained: actuality of Shoshana Roberts: we could squeeze Yes not the whole ten hours in the two minutes, there are so many more pictures. And they also don’t represent my experiences from the month before, as I to was also snatched. Not all the men left it with words, this one ran longer time just right next to her, a situation which may be threatening. Actuality Shoshana Roberts: Fortunately, I’m an actress. And I run martial arts ever since I was nine years old, and still I’m afraid. I can not even imagine how other women feel, how scared they must have. The widely used in the Internet has provided for very many reactions, so Roberts, positive but also negative. Even threats were among them, which they now want to report at the police station. LOCATION: NEW YORK (United States) close. Main facts could be studied checking this

John Cantlie, journalist hostage to the EIS, become weapon of propaganda.

Despite continuous U.S. air strikes, which so far have cost nearly half a billion dollars in all, the mujahadeen have advanced deep in the heart of the city. They now control the areas East and South. Now, the Western media – and I don’t see any of their journalists here in the city of Kobane, have said recently that the Islamic State was retired [,.] But the fact is that since there where I am now, I can see some large tracts of the city [,.] and all those I’ve seen in the city of moudjhahidines. It has no holdings, PKK or Pershmergas in sight, just a large number of Mujahideen of the Islamic State and they defeated surely not retreating. The factual report of the situation in Kobane lasted five and a half minutes and aims to clearly oppose the Western media information. The video is still being authentication, but according to Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby, there is no reason to doubt its authenticity. According to the BBC, quoting a Kurdish source, the footage was shot at the school of industry in Eastern Kobane. This is not the first time that the British hostage is chosen by the jihadist organization to relay his propaganda. He already expressed himself, presumably under duress, in a series of five other videos, entitled Lend Me Your Ears (listen) of the EI group. In previous videos, the first having aired on September 18, it was sitting at a desk in the same orange prisoner outfit worn by Western hostages executed by the IC, with a fixed camera. He delivered a voice chopped a message commenting on, like a JT, current news and the latest statements by Barack Obama or David Cameron. In the first video broadcast on 18 September, he explained it was captured two years ago but that since the situation had changed: John Cantlie, 43, who worked for the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Sunday Telegraph, was removed for the first time while covering the war in the summer 2012. Owned by a small group of jihadists near the Turkish border, it finally was released a week later by the free Syrian army. Back on the field a month later in order to cover the chaos in Aleppo, he is again kidnapped in the North of the country, to Binnish, November 22, 2012 at the same time that American journalist James Foley, since executed. His friend and colleague from the Telegraph, Colin Freeman, said of him: several hostages are converted during their detention. This annoyed their jailers because, indeed, it became complicated to execute later. The jihadists have never put forward their conversions, such as James Foley says Romain Caillet, researcher of the french Institute of the Near East. Presumably, it was otherwise with John Cantlie. In my opinion, the jihadists of the EIS were convinced that it was not a secret agent and that his experience as a journalist could be useful. Side John Cantlie, there could be an opportunistic conversion to hope to have better conditions of detention and save his skin. They tried to return and to a certain extent, they succeeded. It is folded in the game, because we still have a certain level of confidence to let him go like that on the ground of Kobane.   Her black outfit, the colour of the jihadist, his beard and his mustache trimmed, flag corresponding to the Sunni traditions, marks a kind of postage. . Inspirational facts can be found checking this

Since I am a mother, I am both more vulnerable and much stronger.

More that a few fixes, restructuring, additions, an intro to review, and this baby conceptual 415 pages, who has asked for more than 7 years, which saw the birth of my son, accompanied the birth and the twilight of a long love ends, while a new just arrived. A moving, professional failures, friendly births, a horizon that clears up. A long time ago that I want to write this, describe the strength of the maternal love that brought me and leads me for 4 years. Because it is my son who gave me strength, inspiration and who steered the direction of my work, philosophical writing feeds more than ever to love human beings we are, and it should say finally because that has never been said, and the love of a child to his mother gives SAP, the verve, desire, the voltage necessary for the writing of such work. No lament: not the time, when you have just enough to write a few hours per day and advance. Discouraged, Yes, but bound to exhaustion. Being a mother asked to be in a very intense present but also to be on all temporalities both. The past, the future, and also bring in his conscience all this to better forget it in a pure Act this time expanded consciousness had so well described Bergson. My dear son, you gave me the strength to complete this work, tap resources in me to continue to write, for searching, and especially to hold. And I held, hatch by black eyes laughing and deep of my child, love planted in mine. Often, he was also who watched over me. And who now tells me MOM, to whom are you happy?, I reply that I am happy because I finished a huge job and I’m happy to be the MOM of a boy also generous, intelligent and sensitive. Sometimes, an I love you unannounced is pronounced and gives me so much joy. Her black eyes wonderful, serious, but also laughing and brilliant, this deep, metaphysical look who has immersed himself in my soul and has reflected it, look that he got as soon as he saw the day and came out of the den where I abritais it, this small mammal hairy and divine, which has opened my heart by opening my body. Everything is open in me. The understanding of the history of the philosophy of my sex, my century. That’s my story. However, the birth of the son was rude, the boost, endless, epidural half ratee, midwives who immobilized the body instead of the help, disappointing, and delivery of the thesis was equally difficult, several directions of thesis, a solitude intense, but silent and sparkling jewels on the arid and rocky road as Teresa of Avila who saw the houses crystal of the inner CastleOpen, door after door. Since I am a mother, I am both more vulnerable and much stronger. I am more sensitive to the perversions of the world, which are legion and stronger to protect those who arrive in a world where one makes feces and productive values. Because that is what it is: eradicate slowly but surely Virgin ignorance, surprise metaphysical before what is, what is soft, without judgment, what appears in its beauty and its joy, which succeeded the night, because it is the order of things, of the succession of the seasons. When my son asks me: why the day after the night? I reply that it is because it is like this, it is the divine beauty of life, that night, one thousand animals, sounds, sensations, are hidden and living space, and the day, one thousand and one other. My son tells me when he wants that I protect him, MOM, you keep me? Yes I keep and I’m also going to work so that this link this place there was kept. Without this link, most of humanity, if humanity wants to always say love. But perhaps that love has more for a long time? For extra facts regarding this matter read hyperlink.

Buying senators, De Gregorio: urban warfare against Prodi.

«With Berlusconi had adopted a strategy of urban guerrilla to devastate the Union coalition, the majority supporting the Prodi government. They said the former Senator Sergio De Gregorio, heard as a witness at his trial for the alleged sale of senators in which they accused Silvio Berlusconi and Valter 314 si ‘. De Gregorio has confessed to having received money from Berlusconi to go from the centre-left party, where he had been elected, to that of the Center, and his sister is worth to 20 months ‘ imprisonment. In today’s deposition De Gregorio has admitted to having taken part in the «Freedom» Operation, her term coined by Berlusconi himself, whose aim was to overturn the majority in the Senate. The former Senator said that in a meeting at Palazzo Grazioli shortly after his election, the Knight expressed regret for his election in a row of the Center and asked him to "go home". De Gregorio explained that he heavily indebted to make electoral campaigns at the end of which he was not a candidate, and the former premier offered to pay off his debts. . Main data could be read reading the following hyperlink.

World stroke day – to prevent a stroke.

In Sweden, scientists have now analysed data from 50 000 patients. One lesson from the study: Increased blood pressure alone should be judged differently and treated as a hypertension in combination with other risk factors. The risk increases significantly in the combination of different factors. General practitioners are expected to adjust their treatment recommendations if these findings have prevailed, BEGEROW believes. High blood pressure is to imagine that you exploits all ways of the lifestyle adjustment before the drug therapy to, as long as there are no other risk factors. A recently published American study showed: the number of new cases is declining in the Western industrialized nations. A team of researchers led by Silvia Koton of Johns Hopkins University School of public health has in Baltimore evaluated data from a long-term study with nearly 15 000 participants. At the beginning of the study between 1987 and 1989, the participants between 45 and 67 years were old. Until end of December 2011, the researchers tested the subjects regularly. Overall, patients had a stroke 1051 during this time. 614 killed it. . Additional facts can be found checking article.

Mediolanum, Fininvest asks Doris dissolution of shareholders.

Milan-The Board of Directors of Fininvest mandated the Chief Executive Pasquale Cannatelli agreeing with FinProg Italy Sapa by Ennio Doris & C the formalization of early dissolution and consensual union Pact Mediolanum. It reads a note from the company. The decision of the Board of Directors of Fininvest follows the action taken by the Bank of Italy and the Ivass the 7 last October that placed the sale of participation exceeding the 9.9% held indirectly in Milan by Silvio Berlusconi to the loss of good repute requirements prescribed by law. In light of the ruling, it said in a statement that the Bank of Italy has, inter alia, considered compatible with the applicable legislation, the proposed transfer of the abovementioned shareholding in Mediolanum spa to a trust mandated to Finivest CEO of found this measure and to pursue, in accordance with the terms prescribed therein, the necessary talks with the authorities, without prejudice to the competence of the Council to the deliberations that will be appropriate and necessary. The date of the decision by Bank of Italy and Ivass, the Fininvest held just over 30% of Mediolanum. Fininvest has three months from its receipt (on 9 October last year) to establish a trust which give values exceeding the 9.9% and subsequently other 30 months to transfer it to third parties.   . For more facts regarding this matter visit info.