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New witness : ” Bossetti was in a car with a girl.”

Yara GambirasioLa witness , of which spoke yesterday transmission Fourth Degree , you would be presented spontaneously to the police , telling that he recognized with certainty the suspect , thanks to the images on TV , in the man who was sitting in a gray car , in that summer day , in the parking lot between street and Locatelli via Morlotti , in Brembate : a clearing near the sports center from which Yara Gambirasio spent almost every day to get to and from home . Beside Bossetti , sitting in the passenger seat , according to the witness there was a little girl , quite young.Both on a car rather long , the description of which may also correspond to that of the Volvo family of the suspect . But another detail would attract the woman who spoke with investigators : despite the obvious difference in age, in fact, the man did not seem to accompany the girl in the gym . The dialogue between the two seemed pretty busy , no one would have mentioned to get out while the woman was passing . Maybe it was Yara , but I’m not sure he would have said the witness to the police .His words , recorded in the minutes and finished in the file on the murder , are believed to be reliable , and pose an important question : Yara had met Massimo Bossetti ? He had already met , around the sports center who attended every day , to devote himself to his passion , rhythmic gymnastics ? Who investigates , at the time , can not exclude any response. . For additional insights regarding this subject read http://.

Charlie Hebdo : events in the Middle East .

Several thousand Muslims demonstrated in the Middle East after Friday prayers against the publication by Charlie Hebdo a drawing of the Prophet Mohammed , also denounced by governments . The largest rally was held in Amman, where 2,500 demonstrators, Muslim Brotherhood members or youth organizations marched under surveillance and calm , sporting banners which could include reading achievement the great prophet succession of global terrorism.The Islamic Action Front , the main opposition party and the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, had said Wednesday that the attack on the person of the Prophet ( . . . ) Is an attack on all Muslims across the world . Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday released a one titled All is forgiven with a cartoon of the Prophet shown a tear in his eye and holding a sign I’m Charlie, the slogan of the demonstrators who marched in France and elsewhere in the world after the attacks that killed 17 dead last week in Paris , including 12 in the attack against the satirical weekly .King Abdullah II of Jordan , who had participated Sunday in the Paris march against terrorism, on Thursday called Charlie Hebdo irresponsible and unconscious. The sensitive site of the Esplanade of Mosques in East Jerusalem , the Palestinian part of the holy city annexed and occupied by Israel, was the site of a demonstration by hundreds of Palestinian Muslims . Islam is a religion of peace and Muhammad will always be our guide, could be read on banners .French cowards , chanted demonstrators. The Grand Mufti Mohammed Hussein , who led the prayer to which about 35 000 people took part , did not mention Charlie Hebdo in his sermon . He denounced Wednesday as an insult to Muslims the A Charlie Hebdo and condemned terrorism in all its forms. Expel Ambassador Francea Khartoum , hundreds of faithful briefly shown after the great prayer. Expel the ambassador of France , winning the prophet of God, they chanted .A banner that read The French government should apologize ( . . . ) . In Tunis, the faithful left the al- Fath mosque while Imam Khadmi Noureddine , a former religious affairs minister , had not finished his sermon devoted to the Prophet and the attack against Charlie Hebdo. We are against any attack on our prophet , but that is no excuse for killing people. What happened ( the attack ) is against Islam is a religion of tolerance , and undermined all Muslims abroad, said the imam .Some faithful have then interrupted by arguing that journalists Charlie Hebdo deserved to be killed as they repeatedly insulted our prophet . In Qatar , the World Union of Ulema , led by the preacher Youssef al- Qaradawi , considered the eminence grise of the Muslim Brotherhood , called for peaceful protests and criticized the shameful silence of the international community on this insult to religions. The authorities of that country, who had strongly denounced the attack against Charlie Hebdo, condemned the republication of offensive cartoons for the Prophet Muhammad and said that the publication of new cartoons fueled hatred and anger.In Iran, where authorities have also denounced this week one of Charlie Hebdo , an angry demonstration planned for Saturday by Islamist students was canceled without official explanation . According to Fars news agency , the organizers announced, however, that the gathering would be held Monday at the Embassy of France in Tehran, subject to obtaining regulatory approval . In Bahrain, the Foreign Ministry condemned the shameful act republish drawings insulting the prophet , saying that such an attitude will create favorable conditions for the spread of hatred and terrorism, Related info can be inspected clicking http://.

Parma , recycling 70 percent . But in the center rats and garbage .

Illegal dumps on the edge of the city , garbage bags left for hours on the streets of the historic center , with the mice returned to scavenging , and guards and environmental inspectors ready to fine citizens displaying incorrectly trash and make sure the new rules are respected . In Parma, the collection has reached 70 percent , but the nodes to be resolved to reach an effective system are still many. The first to admit Five stars are the directors , who in just two and a half years have extended the door to door in all districts , but every day they face the hardships and degrading situations reported by citizens .In field to curb the problem , there are fixed and mobile cameras , municipal police officers , guards ecological Legambiente and volunteers , to which were added in recent days six new environmental inspectors employees of multi-utility Iren , that in the ducal city manages the collection . " The goal is to improve controls and also the information to the citizens – said the deputy Gabriele Folli – to reduce gradually the irregular situations and get the effective functioning of the collection ."In the last months of 2014 the high penalties have been around for 131 figures ranging from 25 to 500 Euros and in the future will intensify the controls , but the discomfort and the intolerance of citizens are multiplying . The cases are recorded to the limit , especially in areas of the outskirts and in the streets less crowded , where are born illegal dumping of waste abandoned . The historic center is one of the hottest areas , also because of the presence of many businesses . In the villages and in the alleys of the garbage bags are exposed for long periods and the delay of the withdrawal resulted in many districts the return of mice and a general degradation visible to all .Problems that are aggravated during holidays and during the summer . " The causes of this situation widely expected they certainly can not be set against the citizens , as it often does the mayor – attacks the leader of the Democratic Party Nicola Dall’Olio – but to a collection system too rigid , which already shows its limits in ordinary times , and a service by Iren often lacking in punctuality and frequency of the steps or in the usability of the collection centers . " In the city where the incinerator Ugozzolo burning waste from the summer of 2013 , the first defeat of the administration of Mayor Federico Pizzarotti , and where the waste is the system chosen by Five stars to " starve " the oven so as to give less and less residual to dispose of the waste still remain one of the main issues in the controversy between the administration and the minority.And this is not only for " unfulfilled promises " Pizzarotti and his , but also for the collection system and the relationship between the City and multi-utility Iren . Six months , Dall’Olio complaint , the opposition filed in the board agenda by proposing improvements to make the system more flexible collection , pensandone one ad hoc because of the historical center , along with a re-introduction of the bins " smart" for unsorted waste .But the discussion has never been discussed in the assembly . Also unclear intentions appear to change the administration manager for the collection : the end of 2014 expired on service contract with Iren , but " it does not appear that neither Pizzarotti nor Folli you are spending they are entitled to go to a direct management of the service and to quickly renew the terms of service – adds Dall’Olio – Evidently , the mayor and the commissioner , the management of waste collection is fine as it is . "This problem is also added to the tariffs , which according to the promises of past administrations , with the incinerator should have been lower , but which are the highest in the region . In July will start charging on time , allowing citizens to pay based on what undifferentiated waste produced , but in the meantime the Agency territorial waste Atersir resolved to Parma disposal costs higher by 30 percent compared to other regions .The complaint comes directly Folli the Councillor , who will ask for a meeting to the Regional Paola Gazzolo to ask that the province of Parma , who is getting the best results in the entire region in terms of recycling and reducing residual waste , will not be penalized by the higher costs of disposal. . Original data may be read reading this link.

The Oscar and historical attraction papers disabled.

Los Angeles ( USA ) , Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne With great start win the Oscar thanks to his roles Handicapped Still Alice and The Theory of Everything , respectively , a formula that has historically attracted the vote of academics. Moore is the overwhelming favorite to win the statuette thanks to a character who suffers the devastating effects of Alzheimer while Redmayne could take the upper hand for playing Stephen Hawking , the famous British astrophysicist who lives confined to a wheelchair and without possibility of speaking because of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis .Although Michael Keaton ( Birdman ) is who leads the betting in that category, Redmayne has in its favor the fact embody a real figure, the other major factor that traditionally valued in the Academy , as evidenced by the recent successes of Matthew McConaughey ( Dallas Buyers Club ), Daniel Day- Lewis ( Lincoln) and Colin Firth ( the King’s Speech ) . The Oscars have recognized characters with disabilities or mental illness as memorable as the Day- Lewis in My Left Foot himself (1989 ) , where he played the painter and Irish writer Christy Brown , who suffers from cerebral palsy, or Holly Hunter in The piano (1993 ) , playing a mute pianist who must marry a landowner in New Zealand in the mid-nineteenth century.Were also the reason why Al Pacino finally emerged victorious after seven nominations without success, where appropriate, to give life to the blind Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman (1992 ) , or in which Dustin Hoffman his second golden statuette scored thanks to autistic intelligence insider Rain Man (1988 ) . Tom Hanks, an expert in these conflicts , made ​​consecutive double for playing a lawyer affected by the AIDS virus in Philadelphia (1994 ) and an endearing kind , although with low IQ , which could in Forrest Gump (1995 ) to be present in many turning points in American society.Other recent cases are Jamie Foxx, by impersonating the blind artist Ray Charles in Ray (2004 ) , or the self McConaughey last year , which was crowned with the role of Ron Woodroof , a junkie cowboy struggling to shake off death once the doctors diagnosed that has contracted the AIDS virus . Taking a look back are other notable examples such as Marlee Matlin for Children of a Lesser God ( 1986) ; Jon Voight , for The Return (1978 ) ; Patty Duke for The Miracle Worker ( 1962 ) ; Joanne Woodward for The Three Faces of Eve (1957 ) ; or Harold Russell for The Best Years of Our Lives (1946 ) .Cases of Matlin and Russell are particularly special . Matlin, a young deaf 21, won the Oscar for best actress for portraying a student with the same hearing impairment who starts a relationship with a speech therapist. Meanwhile , Russell, a war veteran , made ​​history by becoming the first non- professional actor and the first disabled person hands -lost during testing with the Army and replaced garfios- to win the Oscar.Also, Voight took him the role of a paraplegic Vietnam veteran , a victim of spinal cord injury , who finds love in a woman (Jane Fonda ) whose husband is away at war . Duke made ​​even harder with a role of blind and deaf , while Woodward ‘s character suffered from multiple personality disorder . More cases of recognized artists such interpretations were those of Geoffrey Rush (Shine , 1996) , Cliff Robertson ( Charly , 1968) and Jayne Wyman (Johnny Belinda , 1948).Antonio Martin Guirado ( EFE ) Subjects Al Pacino Arts ( general) Cinema disabled Eddie Redmayne United States Jamie Foxx Diseases Jane Fonda Julianne Moore Los Angeles New Zealand Vietnam. You must read the following website to discover more on this interesting topic.

The fire in the Channel Tunnel is my icirc & ; & eacute ;. tris

" A small outbreak of fire " was detected in "one or two trucks at the most " in the shuttle stopped in the Channel Tunnel for several hours , which caused the suspension of traffic , announced late Saturday afternoon Eurotunnel. The fire was " about to be under control ," said Eurotunnel , adding that even a matter of a "low slow burning " with a smoke. Rail manager foresaw a recovery in traffic " in the evening in the south tunnel," which way is not locked the damaged shuttle." Eurotunnel confirms that there was a small smoldering who immediately brought under control ", said a spokesman for the company. "There was a lot of smoke ," reported his side Denis Gaudin, sub-prefect of Calais, come on site to direct rescue operations . "At that time , the fire was under control , it is about to be turned off ," he added . " We do not know the extent of damage ," he said again . " It’s not a major fire ," he added .Eurotunnel had initially reported a little smoke that caused the outbreak of the tunnel detectors and alarm systems. "After precautionary principle safety inspections traffic can resume in the evening in the south tunnel, then tomorrow morning in northern tunnel after technical inspections required ," said Eurotunnel. According to the spokesman for Eurotunnel , only one tunnel allows traffic to flow in both directions , Related info can be read visiting http://.

Petroleum , Edison grows in Britain .

Put and call option for Edison for Apache acquired by Beryl I ( controlled by Apache Corporation ) on investments in the oil fields Scott ( 10.5 % ) and Telford ( 15.7 % ) are located in the granting P185 15/22 in the North Sea in UK . The acquisition is subject to customary approvals and , when completed , will allow an increase in reserves of Edison ‘s 8.7 million barrels of oil equivalent ( 85 % oil and 15 % gas) . In 2014 the production attributable to Edison field Scott and Telford was a total of 1.276 million barrels of oil equivalent and is expected to remain stable for the next 3-4 years, ensuring an average of 3 Edison .500 barrels of oil equivalent per day . Thanks to this operation is estimated that in 2015 the total production in the United Kingdom Edison will reach about 6 500 barrels of oil equivalent per day , bringing the daily production of Edison to a total of 53 500 barrels of oil equivalent per day . The Scott and Telford oil fields are operated by Nexen , one of the most renowned and experienced operators in the region . This reinforces the presence of Edison on the continental shelf of the United Kingdom and , in combination with other assets already held in the country , creates significant operational synergies and provides new opportunities for strategic development for Edison " – commented Nicola Monti , Director of Hydrocarbons Edison – " the acquisition of shareholdings in Scott and Telford , along with the recent successes in the 28th Seaward Licencing Round , demonstrate the determination with which Edison is strengthening its portfolio in the UK and represents an additional growth platform for our company .Edison has successfully participated in the 28th Seaward Licencing Round in the UK and , on 6 November , was awarded four licenses in the Central Part of the North Sea and one license in the Northern Part of the North Sea . Additional licenses , one to the west of the Shetland Islands and in the Central Part of the North Sea are still in the process of allocation. Currently in the UK Edison holds interests in four fields into production in the southern part of the North Sea ( Markham , Killmar , Garrow and Wenlock ) in addition to participation in three exploration licenses in the Central Part of the North Sea and west of the Shetland Islands .Today Edison , the second gas operator in Italy , is active in the production and sale of electricity and hydrocarbons , with significant growth abroad , particularly in the E & P through 58 concessions and exploration permits in Italy and 37 abroad : Egypt , Norway , Croatia , Algeria , the United Kingdom and Israel . The E & P , the company has reserves of hydrocarbons for 369 million barrels of oil equivalent , including reservations to the Abu Qir concession , in Egypt , in which Edison has acquired ownership in January 2009 .The gas supply portfolio of Edison is equal to 15.8 billion cubic meters by which covers about a fifth of the total requirement Italian . . Original data could be studied clicking the following weblink.

Vicks wide range of products for coughs and colds.

MADRID , 13 ( EUROPA PRESS) Vicks has increased the supply of products against coughs and colds more multi-asset products , relieving some of the most prominent symptoms such as sore throat, headache, muscle or joint pain , fever and nasal congestion . Furthermore the new range allows the pharmacist to provide the patient at one time , individual or combination solutions , depending on the needs of a particular one . With regard to new products Vicks , we find the ‘ FormulaMucol 6 mg / ml oral solution EFG ‘ , which is indicated for mucolytic therapy for respiratory diseases associated with abnormal mucus secretion and impaired its transport, affect the secretion and mucus clearance in adults and children over 2 years; ‘ VapoRub ‘ , which is indicated for the symptomatic relief of cough and nasal congestion existing in the common cold and flu in adults and children ; e ‘ InhalVicks ‘ , which relieves nasal congestion .’ SinexSensi Solution Nasal Spray 0.5 mg / ml ‘ is indicated for the relief of local symptoms of nasal congestion for adults and children over 6 years ; while ‘ FormulaTus 1.33 mg / ml syrup honey flavor ‘ is merely symptomatic forms of cough not accompanied by expectoration ( irritative cough , nervous cough) for adults and children from 2 years old. ‘ FormulaTus 7.33 mg lozenges honey flavor ‘ is another product of the new range of Vicks for the symptomatic treatment of cough forms not accompanied by expectoration ( irritative cough , nervous cough ) for adults and adolescents from 12 years old , like ‘ FormulaExpec 13.33 mg / ml syrup honey flavor ‘ that relieves cough decreasing phlegm ( mucus ), facilitating their expulsion for adults and children over 6 years.Finally , these products are integrated into a design ‘ packaging’ unified , developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical and color coded for easy identification . This ‘ packaging’ simplifies the task of individualized treatments to the needs of patients and supports the pharmacist recommending the right product for every sign of a cold . ( EuropaPress ) Topics Madrid Pharmaceuticals Diseases Disease Therapy. Extended info can be found reading source.

TV shows : the Carra seeks ” new Fiorello ” Marcuzzi guide the ” shipwrecked ” .

Just a few days to the expected return of Raffaella Carra on RaiUno . On 16 January , in fact , part of the talent on the flagship Rai Forte Forte Forte , devised by the queen of Italian television but led by the young Ivan Olita . The Carra will take place in the jury ( who already had experience in the first two seasons of The Voice of Italy ) , next to Joaquin Cortes , Asia Argento and Philippe Plein ( young German designer from us not particularly known ) . The goal of the format , signed four hands with the usual Sergio Japino , is to find " the new Fiorello " , an entertainer in the round.In that way it is not yet clear . For sure it will be difficult to invent something new in an industry saturated as that of the talent show . The first three episodes of Forte Forte Forte (which is also the title of an old song of Carra ) will be dedicated to casting , then move on to live during which the young competitors (most under 30) will stage performances prepared during week . It seems the usual canvas than any other talent show , but Raffaella Carra swears that his program will not be like the others .In just over a week we will understand . What is certain is that the risk that is running the Raffa national , returned on RaiUno after years , is big : work the format of the talent on the network more traditional and " old " Mom Rai ? But January is the month of new beginnings par excellence , and the program schedules television of all the main networks are going to be enriched with new proposals . Or maybe it’s better to talk about new productions of old proposals , as Seriously who returned last night on Channel 5 for two weeks , with the surprise run of Paul Bonolis .Continuing the theme of eternal returns , Saturday, January 17 returns , on Channel 5 , You’ve Got Mail Maria De Filippi , while tomorrow ( Wednesday 14 ) up to Daria Bignardi and her Barbarian Invasions on La7 . At the end of the month , to be exact January 26 , the most anticipated return : the island of Fame Channel 5 license plate . A lead will Alessia Marcuzzi , while the cast of castaways continue to chase rumors and denials confirmed with improbable names ( and almost always embarrassing ) of old celebrities desperate for a raise and deaths of young people eager to become famous TV personalities .Nothing new under the sun , then, and the only pseudo novelty of this second part of the television season seems to get dall’ultrasettantenne Raffaella Carra. But the general television needs a revolution is certainly not new. . For more about this topic click http://.

Embarrasing for security flaws .

The Kouachi Said Cherif and brothers , responsible for the massacre in Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday , and Amedy Coulibaly, who killed a municipal policeman and four Jews in the next two days , had been monitored until just before committing their crimes for services counterterrorism , but vigilance was discontinued a few months ago . The National Assembly and the Senate have announced the opening of a joint commission of inquiry. Said was controlled between November 2011 and June 2014, ie seven months before the attack on the satirical magazine .Cherif , meanwhile , had the phone tapped between November 2001 and late 2013 ‘s informaciónFrancia Army uses the face of terror Thirteen countries report jihadism as its biggest threat Paris, world capital against jihadist terrorism The road from Paris to the jihad Al Qaeda gets the prominence holy War in secular cradle the US Secret Service also warned the French in late 2011 that Said had been in Oman in the summer of that year and apparently had passed Yemen for several days.That same year, French police now suspect , the two brothers were in Yemen and received military training. Cherif was then awaiting trial and therefore could not leave French territory. Both also had been investigated for their relationship with the group of Buttes- Chaumont , a network of jihadist recruitment in Paris. Available data these days about Coulibaly are equally striking . In a posthumous video released Sunday morning, this jihadist , that " soldiers of the Caliphate " is declared, confirms that it has acted " synchronized" with Kouachi and in recent years has traveled numerous mosques in France, especially Parisian , seeking Muslims willing to join the fight.Indeed , police have found that made ​​that proselytizing . Coulibaly , convicted in 2013 for attempting evasion of an Algerian Salafist , was released from prison in March and May had to wear an electronic bracelet to monitor his movements. However , since 2010 could make these proselytize . Video broadcasting has been further alerted the police, who now seeks the accomplice or accomplices , in France or abroad , contacted Coulibaly to spread the film, which lasts longer than seven minutes.His partner, Hayat Boumedienne , came to Istanbul via Madrid on January 2 and , according to the Turkish government , went to Syria 8 , the same day as the terrorist killed the municipal agent in Paris. Both Coulibaly as Kouachi have used video cameras during their attacks in Paris . Police found one inside one of the cars that used the brothers as they fled after the killings in Charlie Hebdo . Police have found another , along with a computer , which led Coulibaly center that attacked Jewish food .Now, counterterrorism analyze other strange events supposedly related to the jihadist surge in Paris. On the night of the 7th, hours after the murder of the municipal police , unknown persons fired shots at a man who made sport running in Fontenay-aux-Roses ( Hauts de Seine ) near Paris. The injured , who police say was chosen as random target , is very serious. The shots were fired with a gun Russian origin identical to those used by Coulibaly .That night , and in the not very distant place , two cars parked on a street dealer flew after a powerful explosion . The jihadist says in his posthumous video that had left explosives in the trunk of a car. . Related data can be found checking http://.

ECB : Discussion tr & egrave ; s & eacute advanced e on asset purchases , according to two Fran & ccedil ; ais .

There are not among the ECB Governing a trained camp against another on whether to launch a debt buyback program and the discussion is very advanced , according to two French central bankers on Tuesday. The discussion is very advanced , said Benedict Coeuré , member of the institution’s executive board, in an interview with German daily Die Welt. We talked last week a lot of technical details , and we are quite able to make a decision on January 22 , he said.He was referring to the preparations of the Governing Council – decision-making body which brings together the six directors of the ECB and the 19 governors of the national central banks of the euro zone – to trigger a potential massive public debt buyback program. The next monetary policy meeting of the Board will be held on 22 January. The transition to such a policy known as quantitative easing seems inevitable to support the dynamics of prices and the faltering economy currency bloc but raises significant reservations among some central bankers.Provided it is not as if there was a camp pitted against another , it is much more complex than that , said in an interview with Handelsblatt President of the Bank of France , Christian Noyer . And many of us have changed opinion over time by weighting the question of a further easing as the only means of ensuring price stability, he added . The ECB President Mario Draghi indicated that he did not need unanimity on the board to launch a QE , the acronym used to refer to such a support program.But be content with a narrow majority would not be wise , according to Coeuré . The more he has board members who approve , the more I ‘m sure we have carefully weighed the arguments for and against a bond program and we have minimized the risks , he said. > Stay Informed ! Register for free to newsletters and alerts Parisien . For extra information on this topic check page.