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Controversy in the United States: can you eat cute bunnies?

Last week, therefore, braving possible ignominy, I planted before the slaughter of Whole Foods RADIUS, and with Audacity, I proclaimed squinting to other clients: and above all, barded labels specifying that it had never swallowed antibiotic or hormone, that he had eaten real food for rabbit, and that he had the place for frolicking. All standard breeding of rabbits from Whole Foods are detailed on the company’s website. It must be admitted: find good quality products in the United States becomes increasingly easy. If one wants to eat properly, organic or local, fresh, without chemical product, at a reasonable price, we can. Not everywhere, but we can. Without necessarily being rich. As in France. I said that to cut short the primary anti-American cartoons. Is it the fault to Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, and creeping anthropomorphism of Western societies, if the nutritional qualities of the rabbit – meat is more generally protein and less fat that any other – gave way to its cuddly virtues? In France, there is not need to wield these arguments to brag about the consumption of rabbit. It seems that the French are among the biggest consumers of rabbit in the world. (Everything is relative: 1.2 kg per person per year, it is still not over-stretch.) Alas, a tiny percentage of this rabbit meat consumed in France is of good quality. According to the national agency of the veterinary medicinal product, more than 10% of the antibiotics used in the french livestock are in the breeding of rabbits, or seven times more than for pigs and 32 times more than for poultry. Not to mention the deplorable conditions for breeding rabbits, which have nothing to envy to those industrial chicken. Finally, the standards of Whole Foods seem to be more than decent. . You can click the following to discover extra regarding this great subject.

China wants to further determine with – protests: Beijing allows no free elections in Hong Kong.

As the climax of the protests, organizers announced the long threatened occupation of the financial district of Asian economic hub. Before the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress decided on Sunday in Beijing scheduled first directly elected 2017 in the Chinese Special Administrative Region unchanged to To want control the nomination of candidates for the post of head of Government. In their response, the occupy Central movement deeply regretted the "undemocratic decision". "A real General choice includes the right to elect and to be elected," it said in a statement. The movement had "no other choice". "All opportunities for dialogue have been exhausted and the occupation of Central will definitely take place," it was said in relation to financial district referred to the Central. When this protest action threatened for weeks is planned, but remained open. In the dispute over the procedure for the election of the Chief of Executive in the Special Administrative Region Hong Kong a senior Chinese official is been booed by protesters on Monday. The Central Government has broken its promise – shameless, a lot called against the people’s Congress deputies Li Fei at a meeting with local officials. The Government-critical Member Leung Kwok Hung, as well as several other members and younger protesters took part in the protest. The meeting was interrupted then for a short time, the protesters have been discharged. On television police before the event Hall were, which apparently went out with pepper spray against protest participants. Meanwhile, in his speech, Li stressed Beijing’s position to accept no critical China Chief Executive in Hong Kong. Li had seen is already exposed on his arrival in Hong Kong on Sunday of a crowd of demonstrators had gathered in front of his hotel. Such scenes are unthinkable in the Chinese mainland. On Sunday night, demonstrators outside the headquarters of the Hong Kong Government heads gathered local time. About 7000 police officers trained specifically for protests are mobilized. The failure of the electoral reform have disappointed the hopes of Hong Kong to change "and will intensify conflicts in society", informed the occupy Central movement. To carry the Communist leadership in Beijing the responsibility. The leader of the movement, Benny Tai, spoke of a "serious blow to the principle of"One country, two systems", after the former British colony is governed." Chinese officials warned the movement before a cast of the financial district and chaos in the port city. A confrontation could end up in a "bloodbath", said the former negotiator Chen Zou’ he who in 1997 had prepared the return to China, in a radio interview. Also in the neighboring Macao, autonomously administered as Hong Kong as a Chinese special administrative region in an own territory, there is thus no prospect of free elections. A selected Election Committee, which is loyal to Beijing, confirmed Prime Minister Fernando Chui on Sunday for another five years in Office. In the controversial vote of the 400-member selection Committee, many on the 57-year-old received 380 votes as sole candidate. The former Portuguese enclave, which went back to China in 1999, the call is similar to even louder after free elections like in Hong Kong. The police in the player Paradise just 600 000 inhabitants prevented an attempt by activists a week ago, similar to previously to hold an unofficial referendum on more democracy and confidence in Prime Minister Chui in Hong Kong. . Main source may be read reading the following web site.

Baby found dead: for his aunt, Loan was in danger with his parents.

She had very quickly questioned the version of the kidnapping had told the parents. The grandmother of the small Loan, the baby of four door months disappeared Wednesday, left burst his anger when she learned Sunday that the child was found dead in a pond. After have alleged that their four-month-old child had been removed, Cédric, 31 years old father, and mother, Christelle, 24 years finally admitted Sunday that the small Loan had been victim of violence and acknowledged had buried it both. The body was buried in a plastic bag in Saint-Sulpice-des-Champs, in the Creuse département. This is a baby who had to be extremely solicitor because of his health problems, namely a heart defect which necessitated an operation in July, said the Prosecutor, referring to a possible exasperation on the part of the parents. Laurence Bouchet-Dionnet announces that it will stand as a civil party in the case, as her boyfriend Claude. He also testified to the radio. It is necessary that they be punished both, he says. She (the mother of the child, Editor’s note) can say goodbye to his mother and stepfather. It accept more. Angry, Claude, goes further. I am able to make him evil. It is better that it remains in prison rather than the bullshit. It is necessary that it pays. Anger also shared by Christelle aunt, Valerie Bouchet, 39 years. The latter had quickly detected that his niece was not patient with the children and had a difficult character. She did not head on shoulders to cope, she says auParisien. And his companion, we all know that the torturing and it sequestered. This baby had no place at home. He was in danger. Should have been that social services remove them. . For extended insights regarding this topic check source.

The salaries of executives are stand still.

Another reason explains the low progression of the salaries of executives. The companies are continuing their hunt for productivity gains and invest less in new products and new services. They favour the talents that allow them to gain share of market and customers with products and existing services. This difficult economic environment benefited the sector specialists legal and human resources whose payments have the most progress. They benefited from an increase of 1.51% this year compared to 2013. "Employers need good professionals with the implementation of new regulations and the reform of vocational training. "Negotiations have been many in the past 18 months between the directions of human resources and the social partners", said Didier Gaillard. The human resources manager is one who has benefited from the stronger wage recovery with an increase of 2.7% from 2013. The median salary of this function is 47. 680 euros per year. Compensation and benefits managers are also sought after by companies who compare more their remuneration grid to those of their competitors with a dual objective: reduce labor costs while remaining attractive. Sales and marketing experts arrive in second position with an increase of 1.29%. ‘Companies recruit experienced commercial allowing them a quick return on investment’, reflects Didier Gaillard. The product marketing manager is the business of the sector which has enjoyed the largest increase (5.6%). Its median wage is 41. 370 euros per year. Employers are willing to make efforts on wages when candidates have several years experience in the Internet, know a sector or speak very well English. Project Web marketing managers whose salaries have remained stable (median salary of 38 950 euros per year) are highly courted. Sector and industry executives held third position (plus 0.89% year on year). Those specializing in accounting and finance are in fourth position (0.82%). The big losers are the experts in Informatics and telecommunications with a 0.7% increase. They recorded the highest increase in 2013 (1.8%). But this figure conceals deep disparities. "This sector sees a few experts, rare and very much in demand, shoot their own: specialists of mobile, cloud and the big data." But overall, IT trades are changing amid wage constrained due to budgetary pressures that weigh on the DSI, said Didier Gaillard. Project Manager business infrastructure and bi consultant have not benefited from an improvement in their income, but they can easily change position with an increase of 10% and 15% of recruitment opportunities. . You can read this to discover extra about this great topic.

French Ligue 1: Metz reverses Lyon, who plunges into crisis.

Lyon recorded a third defeat on League on the lawn of Metz (2-1), allowing the Moselle to win their first success of the season Sunday on the 4th day of L1. The OL, who will not participate in a competition European for the first time since 1997 after its elimination in Europa League on the lawn of the Astra Giurgiu (lost 2-1 to go it, victory 1-0 in the return), failed to bounce back and is sinking into crisis Hubert Fournier players thought yet having the hardest by opening the score twenty minutes from the end by Lacazette, which marked his third goal of the season (68). But the Lyonnais, sometimes febrile in defence, were overwhelmed by the onslaught of the Moselle, authors of two goals in the last ten minutes. After this defeat, the Rhone found in 17th place and avoid the relegation zone on goal difference. Metz on his side out of the red zone and advanced to 14th place. The Messins, who tried much in the image of rookie Belarusian Krivets, author of a very interesting benefit for his debut, ignited their audience that was expecting a victory in the elite for more than six years. Even if they showed waste technical and displayed many gaps that could be expensive, they compensated with a commitment and a will without fault. -Public boiling-A watch for the slightest mistake, the Lyonnais also provided the first opportunity. After a loss of ball from Rocchi in midfield, Njie, launched in the back of the defence, took speed Chauhan but his strike was blocked in two stages by Carrasso (19). Metz replied by Ngbakoto, who sent an acrobatic returned above on a beautiful opening of Bussmann (25). At the end of first period, Lyon had its greatest opportunity. After a bad reminder of Chauhan, Lacazette saw his shot deflected by Milan, slammed on the bar by Carrasso, at the cost of a lavish reflex (45). After resting, the Moselle continued their momentum and camped in the Rhone camp, but, against the run of play, the OL signed opened the scoring by Lacazette to the conclusion of a counter and on a pass from Ferguson. Metz was not cut down and then got a penalty after a lack of Ferri on Saleh, entered into shortly before play. Ngbakoto was not shaking and found the Lopes skylight to equalize to roar the Stade Saint-Symphorien (1-1, 82). Pushed by their boiling public, Metz was able to take advantage by Falcon, which included a plunge head countered Lejeune (2-1, 87) centre. After this new disillusionment that plunged the club into crisis, Hubert Fournier will have on the plate to deliver against a Lyon team stuck for inspiration. . Root source could be read clicking the following weblink.

Conflict in Eastern Ukraine: Ukraine and Russia exchanged prisoners.

The Ukraine had presented the ten Russian prisoners last week as evidence that soldiers of the neighbouring country in use were in the conflict zone. However, the Russian President Wladimir Putin – like before the Russian Ministry of Defense – claimed, the soldiers were reached by a mistake over the barely marked green border in the region of Rostov in the Eastern Ukraine. Also Ukrainian soldiers had arrived in the past during fighting in the conflict zone over the unsecured border on Russian territory. The pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine have dismissed claims from its violence, meanwhile, more than 200 members of the Government troops. The prisoners in the Donetsk region were handed the Ukrainian side, said the "Army Noworossija" founded by the militant forces (new Russia) on Sunday. It is 223 soldiers and members of the National Guard subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. The separatists told that positions of Ukrainian soldiers were encircled still in several places in the area of conflict. Many of them belong to apparently Ukrainian volunteer battalions, which do not have heavy weapons under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior to fight. In the village Starobeschewo, members of the National Guard had tried to break out with weapons and technology from a boiler, it was also said by pages of the separatists. Military equipment had been destroyed in the fighting. Also had been captured six tanks and nearly 200 members of the Government troops disarmed, they said. The Ukrainian Interior Minister arsenic Awakow had communicated in the social network Facebook on Saturday that it was 28 circled fighters of several battalions managed to fight freely near the city Ilovaysk. Meanwhile, the Commander of the volunteer battalion "Donbass", fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army, Semyon Semjontschenko, reported by a deal between rebels and Government forces for the withdrawal of troops from the city Ilovaysk. The soldiers could leave the city surrounded by separatists, if they left their weapons behind. The Russian President had prompted the separatists recently Putin to let escape the lined up Ukrainian forces on humanitarian corridors. They agreed, however, there was no official agreement with Kiev. The Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed "people’s Republic Donzek", Alexander Sachartschenko, meanwhile, announced a further major offensive against the Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday. "We prepare a second large counter-offensive", said on Saturday of the Russian news agency Ria Nowosti Sachartschenko. His troops were well equipped: "The Ukrainian army has left behind A lot of equipment, ammunition and tons of trophies", Sachartschenko reported. Hundreds of people for peace demonstrated at the weekend in the port city of Mariupol. At the same time, construction vehicles in the East of the city trenches dug. The strategically important town is regarded as a possible next target of pro-Russian forces. . You must visit the following reference to discover extra on this interesting subject.

Photography blog wide-angle: unpublished photos of Kate Bush.

Hardly an artist crossed and exceeds the limits of pop art and the generations so masterly as Kate Bush. Just in time for the long-awaited concert series an exhibition of mostly unreleased Kate Bush photographs by Gered now starts at the London SNAP galleries lack wit and Guido Harari. Shortcoming joke worked with her at the beginning of her career, his photos To find on many iconic Kate-Bush record sleeves. Harari met Kate, inter alia in 1985 and was much involved in the revision of their far more esoteric image. Until the early morning hours, he tells with shining eyes, worked both focused on the cover shoot for her album "Hounds of Love". Was only when Kate asked with a sweet, but certain voice: "Guido, you’re not tired?" When Harari and lack wit talk like that, you feel that they are still a little bit In love in Kate Bush. As you can see in London, they’re not just so. "Kate Bush by Gered shortcoming joke and Guido Harari" is from August 26 to October 2 in the SNAP galleries, 12 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH, to see. Fans with deeper pockets can here the Crowdfunding project WOW! the SNAP galleries participate in and secure a piece of photographic history of pop for the Living room table. Last Tuesday, London which gripped by on encounter of the third child. Event so mystical and out of this world that there is no film record of it A moment that only a select band of the most loyal believers were allowed to experience. According to ecstatic eyewitness reports, a figure appeared at the cathedral of music that is the Hammersmith Apollo – the figure of none other than the camera-shy goddess art pop. It’s the envy in me writing, of course. I’m not the only one who didn’t manage to secure tickets for one of the 22 concerts Kate Bush is currently giving in West London. It took a mere fifteen minutes for them to sell out. The location what packed with people whose parents hadn’t even met the last time Bush graced that very same stage. People such as Lily Allen. Hardly any other artist straddles the boundaries of pop, theatre and the generation gap as expertly and divinely as Kate Bush. From Saturday, a perfectly timed exhibition at SNAP galleries in London pays visual homage to this most exceptional woman with images by Gered shortcoming joke and Guido Harari, mostly previously unseen.  Working with her at the very beginning of her career, shortcoming joke’s image graced some of the most iconic Kate Bush record sleeves. Harari met Kate somewhat later in 1985 and what she instrumental in her breaking with the esoteric image had been known for until then. When Hopkins recalls the cover shoot for Hounds of love, of emotional Harari, the two of them worked with great concentration into the small hours. Only when Kate asked sweetly: Guido, aren’t you tired a bit?, what did he realise it time to wrap up. When you listen to Harari and shortcoming joke you get the impression that they are still a little in love with Kate Bush. And, judging by events in Hammersmith, it looks like they are not the only ones. The exhibition of Kate Bush by Gered shortcoming joke and Guido Harari is on show at SNAP galleries, 12 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1Y 6NH, from 26th August until 2nd October. Fans with deeper pockets can invest in the gallery’s crowdfunding project WOW! and secure a piece of photographic pop history for their coffee table.   . Additional facts can be found clicking

Angela Merkel takes psychologists trainer. A mistake?.

When asked for advice from psychologists in diverse areas of human competence, our category should be satisfied. This in theory at least.  We are many, little and badly used (in Italy it is obvious), every initiative that we pull at stake should be for the benefit of public recognition of the value of our work. The psychologist not only deals with stress, disease and marginality, to name a few, but its scope should be the growth of freedom and individual autonomy, as the leading cause of unease is the constriction and the non-recognition of their feel. Psychology is a science that young and old at the same time. Young because his systematic study is recent, old because, since the man was able to communicate, interact, get excited, has inevitably had to deal with it. It is not yet a mature science. We’re all a little psychologists, without which none of us is really. In fact mental health professionals, in most cases, are themselves, first, to undergo therapy and continuous paths self-discovery. With the new forms of technology sales pitch and mental entertainment can paradoxically to detract from the arguments without deconcentrarci by them. There is the internet as we know it for ordinary people, if you had had the guarantees of control over what paradoxically seems unverifiable? These warranties are your scientific study of the human mind. Marketing and advertising are relatively soft effect and most flashy of something that, behind the scenes, must assume greater proportions and intentions more ambivalent. On the other hand those who, having the keys to open a door to a room not open undiscovered to enter and browse? As a result the difference are the intentions that you have when you’re inside with what there is. Angela Merkel has decided to hire psychologists trainerper improve the techniques of persuasion in his Government team making the news public. It reads: "the goal: positively influence people’s behaviors." In this statement they hide two serious implications or lack of confidence towards people, thinking that they are not able to handle alone, their choices and their consequences (from the non-recognition of capabilities you build failure) and the need to take actions arising from this persuasion belief (self power begets violence). The inspiration of the German Chancellor’s decision would come from the book gentle thrust that shows how people tend to make poor choices on issues most important to them and therefore they would need a "boost gentile", a non-directional looks this. The error is the inescapable premise to reckon with experience, taking responsibility and resilience. I haven’t read the book and do not go so beyond the brief comments in the linked article, but now I have accumulated several years of study and clinical experience to be convinced that kind drives only have the idea that it is the one that turns even when you have the best of intentions. The push takes the direction that gives the one who performs an act that is not necessarily the most appropriate for one who suffers. Let alone what it means all this political perspective where the intention is too often hand in hand with the interest. . You should check the following to learn extra about this great matter.

Xabi Alonso: Bavaria’s Spanish newcomer Debuts successfully.

Just 24 hours after its signature in Munich Xabi Alonso impressed on his debut in the Bayern Jersey. He has gained A lot of experience in several countries with large clubs. It is no wonder that he will help us Right away, Captain Philipp Lahm said after the 1-1 to Schalke. PEP Guardiola had called to equal the Spanish newcomer the six, where Alonso filled out from the first minute on the role of the Chief. He gesturing, he conducted, he distributed the ball as if it were built for months. I am Very much pleased with him, praising the Bayern coach. Of course, he will help the team with its quality. The 68-minute performance of the 32-year-old Basque was hardly tarnished by his accident rescue operation that led to the compensation by the shot of Benedikt Höwedes (62nd). While Alonso had can get used to just a few hours before the match in Gelsenkirchen light only in a training to his new team. The coach of Spanish soccer record champion Real Madrid showed Meanwhile, puzzled by the departure of Alonso to FC Bayern Munich: that with Xabi was a surprise, because to him everything was fine. But he decided so. We are somewhat surprised, but respect the decision, said coach Carlo Ancelotti before the League away game of his team on Sunday evening (21 00 clock) for Real Sociedad San Sebastián. . You can visit the following article to read more on this amazing topic.

New York: with swarm intelligence in the swimming pool.

Who builds the city? In many cities, there are particularly large investors. But now the digital swarm intelligence captured the public space – with wonderful idea such as a swimming pool in the river. A site visit in New York. by Hanno Rauterberg, this is the story of a Very much hot desire. Or rather a soothingly cool? Anyway, it was this summer, in which New York City dissolves into dust and heat, as three friends on the entirely fallacious idea came, swim one to go. Also in the East River, because For what they lived after all in Manhattan, on a peninsula, right here, in the Hudson? Of course, the three knew that were sent here if people with concrete feet for swimming in the river. Imponderable to the flow, to dirty water, to bathe here voluntarily. But whether it was the heat, or simply to the exuberance of the twenties, the friends decided that it could go on: New York needs a river swimming pool! And though actually no one quite believed, her heated plan could go In fact. Crawl and Topper under the Brooklyn Bridge, who would have thought? In New York much seems possible now, what was long considered unthinkable. Contagions, almost, a kind of urban revival movement had captured the city. Reclaim the city, the young New Yorker call each other, get the city to own, turns them! Mainly the big money built in Manhattan, maximum high, maximum eng, a tower to the next, so a new, energetic urbanism of the many now thrives in many quarters. Supermarket roofs create vegetable beds, great climbing frames for adults should be built on old railway tracks, and even tunnel caves, that to destroy for decades before him awaken the social imagination: not an underground Park there could create with trees and Mossy walls? The life in Manhattan is prohibitive – the average rent is $3 600-, the urge the greater is apparently also in the public space, open to all and is not alone about profit and return on investment. Rather it is something that one would hardly expect in a mega metropolis like New York: to good-neighbourly relations. To a need for reinsurance and community without that probably none of the many new plans would have arisen. The three friends, the designer Dong-ping WONG, Archie Lee Coates and Jeffrey Franklin with its idea of a floating pool, long remained among themselves. Especially the Internet became the great multiplier for them. Without further ADO, they designed 2010 a few tantalizing montages of a life in the river. And they applied their idea on a platform called Kickstarter, which used otherwise in particular by innovators, to raise funds for a new model of headphones or the programming of a computer game. It was a test for the three friends: how big would the agreement be? Come together enough donations to advance their agendas? Give us 25 000 dollars, which was their bet, and they give us in just seven days. At the end of up small and Kleinstspenden came together 41 $000, in six days. So the pool was no more whimsy, he was in the world. The media reported euphoric, and politics couldn’t help, as the idea of their own to make. But what does this mean for the cities? It takes the planning offices may be No more, because the swarm intelligence of the network better know A lot, what where how should be built? Still, there is little experience with the new forms of collective construction. In Rotterdam, a pedestrian bridge was built thanks to crowdsourcing, came into the Welsh Glyncoch almost 800 000 pounds for a district Center together. However, only a few municipalities are delighted at the unexpected design will of some citizens. To their protests, their opposition being you’d become accustomed over the years. That the wut-now occasionally turn into exuberance citizens, supported by a firm Dafürsein, is to create the planners. In New York, the three friends to feel got, how Very much the authorities To want to identify with the coast guard, the nature protection Office, the health authority, even the army would like to be asked for permission. . You can read this site to discover more about this great subject.