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FCA is waiting – Klopps fear of starting zero points.

Without a number of injured performers Borussia must compete the form weak Dortmund on Friday (20 30) in their second match at FC Augsburg. And last year’s surprise team in particular at home considered unpredictable. We we are in a special situation, but also points Jakub Blaszczykowski, Ilkay Gündogan and Nuri Sahin must coach confessed about the ailing captain of Mats Hummels, Klopp with views of the long drop-down list in the Vice Championship, on the. There must be a reaction, we must show our true face, demanded Klopp. Last weekend, his team against Bayer had lost Leverkusen and thus subjected to Zugzwang. As well as the FCA: the team of coach Markus Weinzierl is after the 0-2-defeat at 1899 Hoffenheim Tabellenvorletzter – ironically with the BVB. We had presented us differently. Now two teams meet, that can play better than they have done in Augsburg, said Klopp, who can schedule at least again with Roman Weidenfeller: the goalkeeper to do in Augsburg his first competitive match after the World Cup title. Such but never wanted to succeed in so far six Championship matches against the BVB. Four times won the Westfalen, twice the Augsburg won at least a draw – so even at the recent meeting at 2-2 in January. I’m sure: Dortmund has before the duel with our greatest respect, ruled Augsburg Manager Stefan Reuter in the sport Bild. . You must read this hyperlink to learn extra about this interesting matter.

VIDEO. The troupe of Friends reform on the plateau of Jimmy Kimmel.

At the end of its interview with the actress, Jimmy Kimmel reveals a perfect replica of the famous New York apartment where housed in the 1990s the roommate ‘ most popular in the world. It cost $ 80,000, joking announcer, but when one loves, one does not count!  Nostalgia goes a notch when Courteney Cox knocks at the door. Monica maniac is back! And wondered if she should not also benefit from the expertise of his brother Ross! Knock knock knock. Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe, between in turn in the kitchen, imitating with difficulty the phrase cult of Joey, How you doin? But Jimmy/Ross has ensured that Chandler and Joey can no longer raise the interest of these ladies: Marcel the Monkey has bitten and gave them the rage of the monkey, they’re dead!, deals.   The four accomplices end taking the sentences of the generic worship I’ll be there for you history to complete all the nostalgic inconsolable since the stop of the series, which this year celebrates its 20 years. At this occasion, Central Perk, rallying from the cast of Friends cafe, will be also restored a month in Manhattan. Notice to those who dream of sailing on the famous sofa orange series!  . For additional data about this topic click page.

Venice: opening in Iran to sign the Sic with ‘ Melbourne ‘.

Venice, 27 Aug. (Adnkronos)-The leading Iran to Venice tomorrow with the opening film of the critic’s week: the special event that inaugurates the 29. Edition is indeed ‘ Melbourne ‘, the first work of the young Nima Javidi. Played by Payman Maadi (already featured in the film Oscar award a separation) and Negar Javaherian, both at the Lido for Tales (the film by Rakhshan Banietemad that tomorrow will be presented in competition), ‘ Melbourne ‘ tells the story of Amir and Sara, a young couple who, on the verge of leaving for Australia, a few hours after flight is unwittingly involved in a tragic event. We have chosen to open with ‘ Melbourne ‘-explains the General delegate of Francesco Di Pace-because it is a drama and tense at the same time as a thriller, in which lies and guilt are likely to mark the fate of two human beings about to radically change their lives: an artwork that reminded us of the cinema by Asghar Farhadiat best its meanings. The most fascinating and terrifying of human being is its unpredictability, which occurs in critical situations and often surprising, says directing Javidi notes, that with his first film confirms once more the contemporary Iranian cinema’s ability to investigate dynamic torque and feelings, and to reach an international audience with the universality of their stories. No wonder, then, that Melbourne has met the interest of a distribution, Microcinema, which soon will bring the film in Italian cinemas: A cause for satisfaction in more Peace-continues throughout the selection Committee. . You must visit the following info to learn more about this great topic.

Venice: Napolitano and Inarritu open 71esima Mostra del Cinema.

Venice, 27 Aug. -(Adnkronos)-Are the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and Mexican Director Alejandro g. Iñárritu the protagonists of the opening day of 71esima Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia. Napolitano will attend the inaugural ceremony scheduled tonight, starting at 19, in the great Hall of the Palazzo del Cinema, led by the godmother of this Edition, Luisa Ranieri; Inarritu’s signature Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) ‘, which will be screened following the world premiere. The ceremony will be broadcast live streaming at www. raimovievenezia. rai. it delayed and on Rai Movie at 23. 20. before the ceremony opening the red carpet, on which the owner of the Mibact also, Dario Franceschini, who going to be closed by the cast of the movie representation of Inarritu, starring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts. The latter, however, will not be present. ‘ Birdman ‘ will be presented at the 14 printing process, present Director, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough and producer John Lesher. The day also includes a press conference of the film ‘ The President ‘ (horizons), with Director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Misha Gomiashvili actors and Dachi Orvelashvili. In early afternoon, to 13, will be held the opening press conference of the exhibition and the presentation of the juries of ‘ Venice ‘, 71 ‘ Horizons ‘ and ‘ Opera prima-Luigi De Laurentiis ‘. Will attend the Biennale President Paolo Baratta, the artistic director of the exhibition Alberto Barbero and the components of the three juries: for ‘ Venice ‘ 71 Alexandre Desplat (Chairman), Joan Chen, Philip Gröning, Jessica Hausner, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sandy Powell, Tim Roth, Elia Suleiman and Carlo Verdone; for ” ‘ Horizons ‘ Ann Hui (Chairman), Moran Atias, Pernilla August, David Chase, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Roberto Minervini and Alin Tas? iyan; for ‘ Opera prima ‘ Alice Rohrwacher (Chairman), Lisandro Alonso, Ron Mann, Vivian Qu and Razvan Radulescu. . Inspirational facts can be read clicking the following resource.

VIDEO. Hot, hot, France Info.

Less than Chronicles, more topical. All coated with a revisited musical skin "to rejuvenate for ten years. From Monday, France Info will return to what she knows best: inform in real time. Objective: stop the bleeding of listeners, which are 360 000 to deserting in one year. "France Info becomes an ongoing info media with the direct, of heat, decryption, promises the journalist Laurent Guimier (age 43), the new boss arrived in May. ” Our antenna will give always the latest info, decrypt them, deliver key more quickly than other media because the radio remains the immediate media.  "A key, a grid more flexible to accommodate events, news stories, hot experts. In exclusivity, the point on the news. A real morning. Fabienne Sintes longer rises early to animate the morning of 6 hours to 9 hours. It will more present flashes but "she will react to the news, élan guests,,"  » insists Laurent Guimier. The journalist will be surrounded by a team: Gérald Roux will propose the Chronicle «Explain» (at 0710), where he will return to a Word, a concept in 2 ‘ 30, Céline Asselot will deliver "information media" (at 7:25) and Jean-François Achilli will lead the political interview (7 h 45). Another novelty: a "political zapping" small phrases heard on other radio stations (at 8:40). Philippe Vandel (‘ everything and its opposite ", at 8 h 25) and historian Thomas Snégaroff ("Info stories", at 8:50) will complement the morning. The strengthened economy. Laurent Guimier set two venue dedicated to the economy in the morning: «le Journal de l’eco» Emmanuel Cugny before 7 a.m. and «decryption eco» at 8:10. Every evening at 18 h 45, Jean Leymarie interviewing a player in the economy. A show of one hour at 8 pm. ‘The know’, that will be the title of go unreported and daily one hour hosted by Jean-Mathieu Pernin. "It comes to debrief the news of the day with a discussion, stakeholders who will not only journalists," said boss of Info. Four topics will be discussed in each issue with four guests.  » Sport until midnight. "France Info aims to host much of the sports information: direct, results hot, the multiplex on Saturday evening and the bulk of the matches", says Laurent Guimier by opting for a more sporty slice entrusted to Julien Moch from 9 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and on the weekend from 7 p.m. to midnight with Catherine Pottier. VIDEO. The making of the new France Info AUDIO jingle. The new jingle of France Info. Additional information can be read clicking

Dax’s upward trend continues.

On the New York Stock Exchange of the Dow Jones industrial average – also thanks to strong U.S. economic data in the meantime reached a record high. The Dax rose after an initially cautious course in the afternoon noticeably and won ultimately 0.82 percent to 9588,15 points. For the MDax, it went up to 0.63 per cent to 16 270,59 points. The TecDax rose to 0.23 percent to 1248,54 points. In the United States, the majority of economic data published on Tuesday turned out well. So the orders for durable goods were climbed in July to a record level and the FHFA house price index had risen more than expected in June. In addition, consumer confidence had reached its highest level for almost seven years in August. Already on Monday recorded positive comments by the central bankers meeting at the American Jackson had driven the stock exchanges worldwide hole. Now investors are already speculating about possible purchases of bonds the ECB, which could further fuel the shares. There were only a few course moving messages to individual values. Were the shares of the energy company RWE plus 0.05 percent to the weakest levels in the Dax. A positive Deutsche Bank analyst study nor a press report stating that RWE is the construction of a further sea wind farms in the North Sea in attack and with the boat wants to get external investors helped the papers. Lufthansa title rose despite the uncertainty about the timing and extent of a possible pilot strike by 1.47 percent. The day before, of the impending dispute weakest value in the leading index had been the papers due. Steel values benefited from a UBS’s optimistic sector study. So rose Salzgitter shares at the top of the MDax to 7.22 percent. Klöckner & co increased by 3.50 percent. . You must click this resource to learn more on this great subject.

US Open: Roger Federer is back.

The player most entitled history (17 titles in Grand Slams) arrived at Flushing Meadows with full of confidence: "since the first week [of the season], I always played very good tennis", noted the Switzerland. Before adding: "do you remember the feeling of victory in the tournament. You find yourself and you take taste. You almost forget the defeat and confidence increases. "The package of Rafael Nadal, number two world and reigning, is no stranger to this status as favorite. "It is a very difficult to beat less player," admitted Federer himself, who has more beat arch-rivals since since March 2012 at the Masters of Indian Wells. Absent Nadal, Federer inherits head serial n 2 and one half of table clear: none of the ten best players in the world faced before a possible quarter-final against the talented but irregular Grigor Dimitrov, 7 in the ATP rankings, and potentially David Ferrer in semis. 16 confrontation between the two men culminated in a victory for the Switzerland. Its main rival in the tournament, no. 1 in the ATP, Novak Djokovic rankings, remains in addition on two performances with eliminations in first knockout round in Toronto and Cincinnati. The Serbian cross since his victory at Wimbledon a "very emotional period" during which he married: "I felt a little flat on the court. I couldn’t find the right intensity and the proper mindset. "Its task will not be facilitated by one half of table provided: it could deal with the American John Isner in eighth, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Andy Murray in the quarterfinals, and the Switzerland Stanislas Wawrinka in semis. . For additional insights on this subject check

Dalai Lama in Hamburg: with women in power, we would have more peace.

The conversation with the Dalai Lama takes just half an hour, as the spiritual leader of Tibetans brings a reporter embarrassed unintentionally. How do you call it?, he asks his translator, pointing to the bust of a young journalist colleague, that red runs. After him is helped with the English word on the jumps, the movement follows: breasts are not there for decoration. Much laughter at the table, even the Dalai Lama chortles. It is the last day of his visit to Hamburg, and the Buddhist took time for a press conference. It just goes to the question of whether the world with more women in leadership positions would be a better. I firmly believe that the existing educational model is not enough. It is based too much on material things and too little on inner values, says the Dalai Lama. We must find a way, without religious values such as compassion, forgiveness and love to learn. And that women bring more potential with it. Then, he leads a study, which took the women to show stronger emotional reactions to the suffering of others than men. Poor mothers are very rare, because they unsubscribe the child for nine months. Women are biologically so sensitive for others. I therefore believe that we could have more peace, if more women in power. . For extended information on this subject read

Resignations, empty flights,. Nothing goes with Malaysia Airlines.

Those who have resigned have explained their decision by family pressures and fears for their safety after two deadly year disasters: a mysteriously door (MH370) plane disappeared in the ocean Indian March 8 and another device (MH17) shot dead in Eastern Ukraine on 17 July, flying a territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The general Secretary of the Trade Union of workers of the company, Abdul Malek Ariff, told the Malaysian Edge Financial daily Monday that stewards and stewardesses were now afraid to fly. Cabin crew shortages forced stewards and hostesses to work up to 12 hours per day, said the head of the Union. Malaysia Airlines said it was providing to its staff a psychological support. Picture sent to me of a Malaysia Airlines flight out of Australia today to Asia. peak. Twitter. com/3nrsdKIBmg РRicardo Gon̤alves (@BUSINESSricardo) August 15, 2014 Thank you @MAS it is an amazing surprise! peak. Twitter. com/ujlI6nCaWW РPing (@WanPingCoombes) August 17, 2014. For extended data on this topic visit

Sound artist Antye Greie: We are well into mosquitoes.

Greie sits in the "Lab", their work space in the Centre of the village, located on the island. The area is crisscrossed by cables. On two tables iPads, laptops, synthesizer, boxes, from which come round sounds, noise, hum, bass, peaks. Outside the window a parking lot, which is one of two supermarkets on the island, besides the island Bank. Behind the forest begins: dense, dark fairytale pine, in between single-fold, lucid Birch leaves. Antye Greie is a practical parka and a long braid. She grew up in the "Valley of the clueless", in East Germany, she says. Later, she moved to Berlin. Experienced in the 1990s, as clubs in the empty buildings in East Berlin draw, which become shelters for the techno scene. You make music, playing in clubs, jets around the world. Until she gets tired, tired has more on the scene. There are no clubs, not even a cinema on Hailuoto. The wind is there, voices from the forest, from the sea. Greie nature is the material for their work: "my idea was to go into nature and making music with digital media. "Explore how it feels: to sit In the forest and beats to make, Yes, how does that feel?" Can understand only someone, who is, in this "space", sitting between pine and cranberry bushes on silver braiding, where it smells like Moss and the salty wind from the sea. "I noticed it does not comes to record and to play anyone in the city. You must do it here together. "This is also the basic idea of" shark ", Greies artistic multi-media project with sound installations in unused buildings, in the woods or on the beach. Even the ferry has become the Mainland for them to the stage. It attracts not only Finnish city map, other artists and composers from Germany, Canada, or Mexico. To visit, come to Hailuoto or as "artists in residence", first stop is always the lab – as well as for the children of the island, who come to the school, to make music for everyone. The ground Topias sits, twelve years, an iPad on your lap. He moved his fingers on the touch screen and coaxed the device sounds. Topias is one of "pad boys", which includes the "iGirls" to a showcase of shark species to the iPad Orchestra: children between six and sixteen work with special sound programs that drew Greie, and invent their own, new music on the touch screen. "We play live, like a real band," says Topias. "Guitar, bass and one two three four,. "Greie, beside him, locates a few demo videos on a computer and is delighted:"I think something is there only in Hailuoto. " That children write in group – a world sensation! original music". Main data could be studied checking the following