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Executioner from the homeland.

The Jihad speaks French – and is also a given name such as Maxim or Michael. This is the knowledge gained from the recent beheading video of the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) French investigators. Recent cases highlight an alarming development: young of French from middle-class families radicalize via the Internet and pull Syria, not only poorly integrated young people from Muslim immigrant families. Thus, investigators have identified the 22-year-old Maxime Hauchard from Normandy as a the IS executioners shown in the video recording. A second Frenchman, the 22-year-old Michael dos Santos from Champigny-sur-Marne in the greater Paris area, was also filmed. This has confirmed President François hollande on Wednesday at a press conference. "Why the French executioners appear? For the same reason, a Briton with a cockney accent as the murderer of American journalist James Foley was exported before. You know what effect that in Europe", the French Islam researcher Jean-Pierre Filiu said that on the Institut of d ‘ études politiques de Paris ("Sciences Po") teaches to the Declaration. The European jihadists are meaningless from a military point of view for the IS, but they played an influential role in the propaganda. Noteworthy was that would be especially European converts to the fore. A quarter of the French jihadists fighting for the IS in Syria, are converts without any previous training in Islamic religion according to the French Interior Ministry. Islam researcher sugar, this shows that the attraction of IS not with religion can be explained. "We look to the IS like on a religious phenomenon, it is a political phenomenon. A cult is. Its totalitarian doctrine can attract only those have no Muslim culture, "sugar said. Maxime Hauchard about comes from a typical French middle-class family from Normandy. The mother working as public servants to the local Office of the family, last year was with the "work"Medal awarded. The father works as a fine worker in an industrial company. There was no divorce drama and also no failure. In his hometown of Bosc-Roger, Maxime was considered "a nice young person". Neighbors praised his willingness to help. After graduating, he accepted an offer to give French courses in Mauritania. There, Maxime interest in Islam must be awakened. On his Facebook page, his quick radicalization is documented on his return to Normandy. As he went out in the summer of 2013, after Syria, he wrote there: "we’re not only an organization like Al-Qaida, we are no longer a guerrilla, we must not hide, we are a State.". Inspirational source could be read reading the following resource.

PSA Peugeot Citroën belies 3.450 deletions of post in 2015.

PSA Peugeot Citroën will present Monday to the unions with an estimate of the evolution of its workforce in 2015, among others 1. 500 departures leave senior, and formally on Wednesday denied the removal of 3. 450 posts. Several media outlets reported that the french automaker planned for 2015 between 2. 450 and 3. 450 cuts. A spokesman formally denied these figures to AFP. Employment and skills, measures that are contained in an internal document consulted by AFP, will be considered by organizations Union Monday at a central Works Council. The text details the evolution of employment for next year, in line with the social pact, the competitiveness agreement signed in 2013. Are provided 1. 500 leave seniors, device allowing the employees to leave several years before the legal age of retirement with 70% of their salary. They are nevertheless included in the workforce of the group, recalled the direction. Will add up to 550 external mobility secured, with possibility of return in the business if the employee decides, according to the working paper. Internally, around 1. 400 employees working in occupations where the needs of the business are declining, will be encouraged to change their positions, or a level equivalent to previous years, specifies the direction in the text sent to the unions. At the same time, 2. 000 youth alternating hires are envisaged by the automaker, either a little more announced in June during the signing of an agreement with the trade unions. On the occasion of this agreement, the company banked on 2. 500 leave seniors over two years, in 2014 and 2015. C? is a strong commitment to youth so that l? company continues its recovery efforts, said Philippe Dorge, HRD of PSA. 2. 000 alternating come s? Add to the 1. already recruited 300 in 2014, said the group. The company is also considering recruiting 550 people in 2015 in TDCI, particularly in business services. The figures contained in the confidential document aroused no surprise on the part of trade unions contacted by AFP, most being already known according to them. They fit into the continuity of the agreement of competitiveness, said Christian Lafaye (FO), which evokes a structural adjustment that is done in the sweetness and unconstrained. For the CFE – CGC, the estimates referred to in the press do not take the road: you add cabbage and carrots, according to Anne Valleron. Trade union leader welcomed in contrast to the hiring goal for apprentices and recalls that internal mobility will be on voluntary basis. Weakened by a European automobile market in berne, PSA is engaged in a restructuring plan that resulted in between may 2012 and may 2014, striking out 11. 200 posts. With the social pact, PSA is committed to maintaining all its sites in France until 2016. . Additional information can be inspected visiting fact.

Whatsapp encryption: friend or foe.

Now also Whatsapp. One of the most popular messaging services, the world 600 million sending their messages people – and a provider that was noticed mainly by security vulnerabilities. He also now encrypts the messages and protects them from accessing curious intelligence and criminal hackers. If at one time even Whatsapp for high power data protection and encryption technology, which was long only for techies, the standard for everyone, then is so still all good? By due! What is already celebrated in many blogs as a great blow to now by the American secret service, is also a great danger. An individual feel adjusts itself so that, as anyone that the most intimate details of his life are well protected care. Must the consumer so do not worry more about the annoying question of what data is there actually collected – and what happens to? The business of Whatsapp and the Internet company Facebook, to which the service now belongs is based but also to collect data. For the transmission of messages, Whatsapp takes no money. Instead, the company secures itself at the moment in which you installed the app, access to phone book and calendar, tracking where you are just keeps on and who you when talking to. So Whatsapp meets its customers pretty well – and at some point can use this knowledge to place accurate advertising. Incidentally, all these more or less incidentally collected data are not encrypted for the time being. Therefore data protection with the new charm offensive by Whatsapp may not be satisfied. Who explained the purpose weapon against criminal hackers and assault-secret encryption, forget that elsewhere even a danger lurking: Silicon Valley itself. Because, as a lot of very sensitive data are stockpiled there. But Whatsapp does detract quite well, if the company says the secret to the sole enemy and is wiggled himself as protector. Who is satisfied now, cheering the move whatsapp, awards the chance for an honest debate on this key question: who owns this data – a consumer who accomplishes it in their everyday lives, or the company, which is collecting these through its technology? In this discussion, but the Internet companies have no interest. They fear that they waste yourself chances at the moment in which they give consumers sovereignty over its data, ever money to make these data. And so Whatsapp collects more – too many details which are not necessary only for processing a messaging service. Store first and then see what the stuff is still good. For which new services, but also: what new business. High time is to ask whether the data in the hands of a listed group, which makes them money, will also continue to make really that much better is lifted as at a few spies. . Main data may be studied clicking this hyperlink.

The Director of Sciences Po Aix takes the door.

After eight years at the direction of Science Po Aix, Christian Duval announced his resignation in an internal e-mail, reports Mediapart. The man was facing grumbling several teacher-researchers and members of the "Sciences Po network", irritated by partnerships between the school and private training organizations located abroad and in France. Which were a way to bail out funds of the Aachen establishment, according to the survey of Mediapart, but provoked the anger of the community educational and student, who believes that the name of the IEP is thus ‘sold ‘. In July, four teachers had resigned from concert to show their disagreement with a strategy that transformed, they, claimed this "prestigious public institution in sous-Business School in which private interests interfere more and more. Followed in September by representatives of students to the Board of directors who requested more ‘transparency’ on these agreements and "their impact on the value of the diploma. Late October, Christian Duval had also requested to explain against the directors of six other institutes of political studies in the region, with which the Aachen site shared a common competition. On 30 October, they had maintained the establishment "as a temporary and conditional" in the common competition for 2015. Since then, Christian Duval terminated 14 partnerships. And the Court of Auditors must take up the issue, also announced Mediapart. . Related information can be inspected checking info.

The market brings momentum: Dax examined is the location.

Given the terrain gains in the two previous trading days, the market begins restrained. Investors make some cash. But still much liquidity is on the way. And the prospect of a year send rally alive stays that way. After the gains of the past two days, the German stock market at the beginning of trade puts a breather. However, traders remain more confident that it is again up to the end of the year. The emergency is increasing, says a market participant with look at the positioning of institutional investors. The Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Fund Manager survey from the previous day showed that kept liquidity before the end of the year is still high. This money will Wend its way on the stock markets in the coming week, according to the outperformance of the US markets and the Nikkei more on the European stock exchanges. Now will that Thanksgiving is approaching and that then the books are closed, addressed again, says the merchant. Thanksgiving is celebrated this year on November 27. It is so likely that the year-end rally is consummated already until then. On Wednesday could the market but first breath and occasionally gains be included before the courses continue to. The message is comparatively thin. . Inspirational facts can be found visiting the following page.

Who does search pay less taxes: war of brains between Italy and France.

Roberto Barbieri has learned the mechanics at the school pupils Fiat of half a century ago and still today if the recalls: it seemed the military service. It is not nostalgia that prompted him to invest in France, a country considered hostile to capitalism, when they invited to place its offices in a disused barracks in southeastern France. For a modest rent they offered me everything-says-including the Personals dedicated to liaising with the local bureaucracy. The company of barbers, the Emmegi, no more than ten workers but produces innovative lift facilities in the snow. Is a molecule in an increasingly big wave that each month from Italy and capsizes on France. Are companies from all sectors, from pharmaceutical to mechanics, from chemicals to textiles, which move from the Po Valley to settle on the other side of the Western Alps. Are attracted to incubators created by the Government, as in Briançon, or more often by a more powerful magnet: tax relief ten times deeper than in Italy on any longer spending under research, development and innovation. Last year the investment projects of the made in Italy in France were 64 for 2. 500 jobs, and only United States and Germany have done more. An estimate of the Paris Agency for international investments indicates that about 150 Italian companies might have already shifted at least part of the research in France. They did the Fiat Group brands such as Magneti Marelli or Iveco, a leading manufacturer of pacemakers as Sorin, pharmaceutical groups from low-profile billionaire as turnover and Chiesi. Need to understand them. Paris grants tax relief to 323. 500 euro on average for each business that move research in France. FULL ARTICLE ON NEWSSTANDS AND REPUBLIC REPUBLIC +. Additional facts can be inspected clicking

Joshua: the Jobs act iron determination of the Government.

"I expect it will be recognized the effort of qualitative and quantitative budget and structural reforms," starting with the Jobs act, "which will be approved soon." So the Treasury Minister, Pier Carlo Padoan, answered those who asked him what expected from European law judgement of stability. «With the EU there is constructive dialogue that continues, "Padoan said, speaking at the workshop" Internet, Jobs & Skills: an Opportunity for Growth "promoted this morning in Rome by Telecom and the OECD. «Sick of hearing that we must learn to spend money» Padoan was defending the net: «The stability law combines the consolidation of public finances and growth. You can make a sustainable public finance policy supporting growth, the issue is composition. Before you ask if the money you have to ask whether they are in the right place. " A stored also in Brussels: "we must learn to have design ability, we must learn to use money, we must learn to make projects: this is the challenge, if we win the money coming in. I’m sick of hearing about other fellow finance ministers: "You have to learn Italian to spend money and not to ask"». Jobs act: determining the Government is strict, the Minister stressed that "the judgment will be increasingly made not only according to the threshold figures, but the internal logic and strategy». Based, precisely, on complementarities between maneuver and reforms. On the possibility of starting already from January with the new rules laid down by the Labour delegation Padoan said he was optimistic: "I see that the determination of the Government and of the President of the Council to go ahead is fierce." . Extended data can be found clicking link.

a little more than 1. 500 souls, in the province of Alessandria, seemed to be once again experiencing a at the time of the Nazi roundups and purges. So, what was supposed to be a simple reenactment, risked becoming a political event, with pictures of young Nazis who make the rounds of the web and the Pd parliamentary Michele Abdulmohsen invoking even the intervention of the Viminale. To throw water on the fire, we think Claudio Stevanin, 77/partner or Lone Wolves, an Association of fans of modellissimo and historical re-enactments. We wanted to represent a partisan command, but because of the flood that struck the Alessandrino occurred only on the Nazis. We didn’t want to offend anyone and when we realized that our presence was not welcome, we ditched everything and we soon changed. Yet what for Stevanin and his friends-which since 1996 organized historical reenactments of various ages-he wanted to be just a way to spend Sunday afternoon sparked controversy to no end. A shame, complained about tourists present for the truffle fair to Murisengo. Where at the time of the second world war there was really a garrison of the Black Brigade responsible for executions, torture and raids. The Mayor of the village, Giovanni Baroero, he immediately disassociated from the initiative and the MP Abdulmohsen he evoked the apologia of fascism, recalling the 15.000 Italian victims of Nazi massacres in our 400 Holocaust that will add to the abomination of the Holocaust and of World War II. The Association has also sent a letter to the first citizen of the country to explain the real intentions of its members. It appears if we wanted to do such a thing, it justifies Stevanin, who lives in Murisengo, where 77/associations or Solitary Wolves is headquartered. I had an uncle insists partisan-I could never do such a thing. . Main data could be studied checking this

The alleged molester of Madrid threatened with raping another girl.

Telephone pricks talks have also left exposed his obsession by the gym. In a maintained with a friend says: "and I’m over trapping because I have given me an its long balls at the gym today. I’ve done the exercises today and yesterday and tomorrow. Ahhh! On Monday, which was closed. On Tuesday I did nine chest exercises, chest exercises, and did triceps exercises and then some stick and swimming exercises. I made today back, nine back exercises and six of biceps". In another conversation by mobile with another friend recognizes you spend much time in the gym: "I’ll see if I end of train me, is that I shot five hours in the gym. I do workout, I do weights, then I’m going and I do abdominal and then do pool, me bath, I give long in the pool. Then I’m going to take a tour of spa of those from cold water and hot water. Bitches!". For additional insights regarding this matter click page.

Comes after the flood the low tide? The new social network “This”.

This are not the first ones who dream of beruhigteren places on the Internet. Recently, another network at the start is gone with Ello that consciously differentiates himself from Facebook. Ello is a similarly minimalist line at least visually. On the flags and in their manifesto they write "simply beautiful, ad-free". These are encouraging developments. For those at least, where the information flows occurring above all banks have become too much. And that reject spiritual filth that inevitably accumulates. But what about those who like to drift in the vast flow of information and incentives? Finally, the net culture based on varied consumption. As memes, there would otherwise not be Internet phenomena. On this must consider two times, who posts a sneezing Panda Baby. Worse, it would only users who recommended at the end of the day in the same position as Buridan’s ass: is the philosophical likeness between two equally large and equally distant haystack. He eventually starved because he cannot decide himself what he should eat first. So the radical reduction of noise could not only peace, but cause equal to radio silence. Peace also arises that simply turn off its electronic devices. . Root source could be studied reading this info.