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TV channel Ukraine today: Operation counter propaganda.

Ukraine today satisfies the right of the individual to take an objective view of the Ukraine in the world, so far limited. The transmitter large reported on the battle of the Donetsk airport and is dedicated to the suffering of people in the embattled areas. The reporter access also the executions which Amnesty International puts Ukrainian troops to the load. Enter the message but a special spin: not war crimes by Kiev associations are the focus, but the fact that Moscow exaggerated the incident have cannibalized. Shortly after the broadcast, Ukraine today had direct enemy contact with Russia today. The Russians wanted to present the competition channel and switched to Tetyana Puschnowa, Dickinson’s boss. She had pulled over a patriotic T-Shirt. Rather than answer the questions of the presenter, she accused the Russian TV station, be responsible for thousands of deaths in my country. Then, Puschnowas colleagues blinded a banner. Russia today, stop lying, stood out. The Kremlin stations ran the camera confidently continue and noted only smug, apparently it had been getrollt just live on air. . Inspirational facts may be studied visiting this article.

ECB distributed notes: banks expect certificates.

On Sunday, the ECB shall submit the results of the Bank stress tests. The Federal Reserve expects that the test will strengthen confidence in the banks and then more loans. But that is a very bold thesis. The ECB 130 banks undergoing a stress test before the Central Bank takes over the supervision of the Institute on 4 November. In the test, among other things, the ECB examines how to develop the hard core capital of banks, if the economy of the European Union in a crisis scenario shrink by 0.7 percent in 2014 and 2015 by a further 1.5 percent goes back, before it grows 2016 by 0.1 percent. The stress test is based on the asset quality review (AQR), so the validation of the assets of the Bank, as of the date of 31 December 2013. For example, the loans and advances to customers and loans and advances to credit institutions include the assets. To insist the AQR, banks must reach a hard core capital ratio of at least eight percent. In this code, the hard core capital is divided by the risk-weighted assets. ECB chief Mario Draghi is in trouble. The stress tests should be really strict enough, in order to strengthen the confidence of investors in the banks. Several investors should however at the Institute, as the Spanish Bankia or the Belgian Dexia recall, which had existed earlier stress tests with flying colors, only to later nationalised to become. Several experts also doubt that lending to households and businesses in turn will come after the stress test. As ECB President Draghi we expect no boost for lending and economic activity in the euro area by the conclusion of the review of bank balance sheets and the stress tests. Because according to our empirical analysis of the loan portfolio in the first place not because of limited supply, but because a – cyclically-related – weak demand shrinks. And this little will change for the time being, Jörg Krämer, Chief Economist at Commerzbank wrote recently. In plain language: the lending is not so weak, because the banks offered too few loans, but because the households and companies because of the impending recession ask little loans. . Root data can be found checking the following

Turning point of Berlusconi: “Yes to gay unions and premium list. And I ricandido: will social services before, in February. “

Silvio Berlusconi this morning to Morning Five-I’m sure the condemnation of Mediaset will be cancelled by the European rights court because was an amazing thing. I was dropped from the Senate and from the political scene by means of democracy, but by other means that they should not be used in a real democracy. Berlusconi: I withdrawal policy. Retire from politics? I do not know. I made a commitment with the voters and I can’t really leave Italy with a situation that is likely to go in a direction that our voters don’t want. Italy force does not need to be born again alive and kicking, there a lot of work to recover our voters who went to vote, said Berlusconi-The 50% of Italians stayed home because disillusioned with politics. We are preparing to Italy Force participation even in municipalities in any small pi town we will our venue. We cannot make an alliance with those who betrayed the voters and the Lords of Ncd that support a left-wing government contrary to the mandate of those who have voted, said Berlusconi-Then we do alliances, Ncd would not be understood by our voters. For as is today the manoeuvre does not convince me-said the leader of FI-it happens that you d with one hand and takes with the other, as in the case of 80 euros. There a reduction in taxes, only we have made. S gay marriages and the premium listing. The award given to the list and no longer the coalition in fact a great opportunity because it would be a step towards the bipolarity Berlusconi said in the interview published today by the Messenger-As I have already mentioned the important steps to unicameralism for a pi quick approval of laws and that there is a law that does not stimulate the breakdown of the vote. Berlusconi also opened gay marriages: S German law on gay unions and the rights of the children of immigrants: it is proper to give citizenship to children of foreigners after the school cycle. In Germany ok to civil unions, why we not? we are a Liberal, attentive to the rights of the people, said Berlusconi In Italy the freedom are too suffocated. We believe in the family always as molar and civil value, but this does not mean that the rights of all citizens, whatever their sexual orientation should not be respected. What happens across Europe, in countries such as Germany, led by Christian parties, have regulated, no reason not to do so by us. I want to live in a country where religious freedom. Social services? Until 15 February. I’m in a car, I’m going to Cesano to perform tasks and try to do my best to help out, said Berlusconi, referring to social services-The order of carrying out of services should be anticipated in February 15 for the way I’ve conducted. «Yes, I soon ricandiderò this ruling is the result of a wretched justice won’t be cancelled by the European Court of human rights in the EU-said. You can read this url to discover extra about this great topic.

Canada tightened anti-terrorism after assassination attempt.

In a speech to the reopening of the Parliament he stressed on Thursday at the same time, Canada will not be intimidated by violence and terror. We will be vigilant, but we are not scared to walk, he said, applause of the deputies. The question remained open after Islamist motives of the perpetrator who was shot the day after the fatal shooting in the Government District. He was born in Canada and grew up, spent some time in Libya. I think he was insane, quoted a friend of the perpetrator to the Canadian newspaper the globe and mail. After the shooting at the War Memorial, the assassin was stormed on Wednesday with a rifle in the nearby Parliament building. There he shot himself, before Kevin Vickers 58 security guard shot him. Vickers was celebrated in Canada as a hero. Vickers works as a kind of weapon and master of ceremonies in the Parliament. Harper thanked him expressly for his decisive action. It was already the second attack in Canada this week. On Monday, two soldiers with a car had run over an alleged Islamist. A soldier died, the perpetrator was shot by police after a Chase. . You should visit the following to read more about this amazing matter.

VIDEO. Tunisia: Exchange of fire between police and “terrorists” near Tunis.

According to @AP police currently surrounding house in Oued Ellil – a suburb of Tunis & have exchanged fire with those inside #Tunisia – Naveena Kottoor (@NaveenaKottoor) October 23, 2014 the orders forces Tunisian exchanged gunfire Thursday with elements "terrorists" holed up in a house in Oued Ellil, a locality close to Tunis.  "The security forces surrounded a house sheltering terrorist elements and exchanges of fire are underway," said Mohamed Ali Aroui, spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, radio mosaic FM one agent of the Tunisian security forces lost life during the clashes, said an official of the police present on-site.  "Our agent succumbed to a gunshot received an eye wound in clashes with a terrorist group," said Mohamed Ali Aroui. Earlier in the morning, clashes broke out between police and "two terrorists" to Kebili, in the South of the Tunisia, he added, specifying that the keeper of a society had been killed by these "terrorists" during exchanges of fire with the security forces.  The two ‘terrorists’, ‘ who were preparing operations in the region", have been arrested, and two Kalashnikovs were seized, he said. These acts of violence are involved at three days of parliamentary elections that with the presidential election on 23 November, are crucial for the stability of the country. The ministries of defence and of the Interior warned against ‘terrorist’ elements that aim to impede these elections.  "Serious terrorist threats are the security of the elections," warned in August the Tunisian Minister of the Interior Lotfi Ben Jeddou press the Tunisia has known since January 2011 an upsurge of attacks attributed to the Jihadist movement.   Dozens of members of the security forces were killed and two figures of the opposition to the Islamists have been murdered. The Tunisian army expressed Tuesday on the alert and ready to counter any terrorist act during the legislative elections Sunday. . Original facts could be studied visiting this resource.

The baby bonus will be monthly for income up to 90 thousand euros.

In the absence of an official text, are circulating several news about 80 euros pledged by Renzi for new mothers. The Ministry of economy has tried to clarify. The baby bonus promised by premier Matteo Renzi will be disbursed monthly, and not in a lump sum, as originally envisaged in the draft law of stability.  Will go to benefit the spouses whose total gross income does not exceed 90 thousand euros. The bonus, which will be tax free and not less than 900 euros, will however only to newborns who will see the light between 1 January 2015 and the December 31, 2017. This means that the covers will cover a period running from 2015 to 2020. In the absence of a definitive text of the measure contained in the stability law, continue to chase each other discordant voices on the new benefit announced by the Chairman of the Board by Barbara D’urso in support of families and birth rates, it is allocated a "Fund family" of 500 million euros. Yesterday afternoon it seemed that the bonus was to be decided in an annual lump sum, only families with low income, less than 30 000 euros per year, defined with the method of calculating the Isee. And so the Ministry of economy was forced to intervene personally (on Twitter) in anticipation of changes to the measure that will be included in the final version of the manoeuvre.   As regards the income ceiling, the dicastery headed by Pier Carlo Padoan has made it clear that the limit of 90,000 euros is only up to the fourth child, while from the fifth onward there will be limits. In Italy, according to Istat census of 2013, 514 were born. 000 children (all-time). If these figures are confirmed, the State paid 80 euros for 12 months in any neo-mamma, should cope with an output of about 493 million euros for 2015. It is obvious, however, that the sum is likely to double in the second year, because children born of 2015 will join those of 2016. And the figure will triple the third year, going up to 1.5 billion. In all, three billion in three years, so. That by 2018 should stabilise with a constant output of 1.5 billion. . For additional data regarding this matter click

Stability law, cuts to the regions: the usual approach of not distinguish.

In the folds of the law of stability that, especially not to change is written (guiltily and probably voluntarily) so unreadable, lurks the cutting of State transfers to the regions, to circa4 billion, equivalent to 2.8% of the total expenditure. This idea sparked the loose, with also a knee-jerk reactions, threats of cuts to services, ragged hair and torn clothes; all while advancing the judiciary as a steamroller and almost daily opens the Pandora’s box of crazy and expenses minimization. Minus the disgust that trying to see a preliminary and General resistance from regional administrations to consider reduction hypothesis of what Radio called "runny fat", but we must also make it clear that in the context of the protests of various Governors, some are totally specious while others have some substantial reason. To understand this better help a study of Confcommercio which provides two interesting analysis; the first (p. 6) tells us how the annual expenditure (2011) per inhabitant varied from 3 regions. euro 900 of the Lombardy region to nearly 9. 200 euro della Valle d’Aosta. The second (pp. 25-27) assesses empirically, but sufficiently reliable, quality and quantity of services provided locally, providing an index at the end of the output for each region (page 27). The two analyses must be read together to clear the field from one of the most instrumental objections put forward by the regions proposed cutting and that the quality of services provided is proportional to the regional expenditure for the same and therefore a reduction in spending cannot that lead inevitably to performance degradation for the citizen in this case hostage; do you see how you might otherwise interpret the threats coming from several parts, cuts to health care as the most likely consequence of the reduction of transfers from the State. Watching as the two tables together, we note with some amazement as Lombardy which is the region with the lowest per capita spending is also in first place regarding the service quality index and Sicily, Molise and Calabria, who are among the regions with the highest per capita expenditure, are also among those with the lowest quality index; clearly excessive costs of those regions don’t end in excellent services and even acceptable, pace of Governors. The Research Department of Confcommercio goes even further, trying to calculate (pag. 32) as each region spends too much; What we conclude is that if the cost required to achieve a certain quality of services in the various regions were homogenous since some worst quality providers should spend less and for each region is the "waste" ranging from 655 euros per inhabitant of Veneto to 5. 400 EUR per head of the Valle d’Aosta; national average: 1.386 euro per inhabitant; excluding the approximately 9 million Larry, it seems that other regions spend annually a total of about 69 billion too much compared to what and how to deliver in services. For admission the same dl Confcommercio, statistics cannot be taken for face value; certainly there would be the necessary adjustments that take into account the population density of different regions, (because the volume of activity is a source of reduction of unit costs) and geography of the regions, because they provide services in mountain regions is more expensive than in the Po plain, however, even giving a cost per unit of service increased by an average of 25% compared to Lombardia, the surplus remains dramatically high in the order of about 56 billion per year. In essence, the linear approach (don’t tell you enough how iniquitous) could put some regions in terms of having to make really the services, while for others it is just wasting a little less, but still have a very poor performance and paid by the citizens of other countries. So far the conclusion is logical enough: would adopt the famous standard costs and cut each region the surplus due to their mismanagement, leaving in peace those who have already given a regulated; Unfortunately, however, the excess spending insane regions is only partially by malfatti purchases of goods and services, from princely treatments of Councillors and regional organizations in maintaining political haven for friends; as for the expense of the State, most of the costs of remuneration of employees and one of the reasons for the difference between the regions is that some activities hire the necessary staff for the same (even with a little fat), others simply provide social safety nets disguised as jobs and this raises their costs for the same services. You could argue that taking care of the economic livelihood of its inhabitants is a primary duty of each region and this is certainly true, although it would be more logical that this was done at the expense of the general taxation of the entire nation, but in a moment in which you query on the need to provide unemployment benefits to all and it is concluded that there are no resources to do it and while we are told that the way best to revive the economy and grow GDP is to lower taxes on businesses but you can’t get past a slight decrease of Irap by 2015 while in fact has been increased for 2014, leaving freedom for some regions to administer their social safety nets "swamped" and individually more expensive than a DoleWhile you bring some regions conditions, perhaps, reduce services, sounds as well as unfair even strategically loser. . Root data could be found reading this

The number two of Areva, Philippe Knoche, will direct the group acting.

Approached as future operational AREVA boss, the number two of the nuclear group, Philippe Knoche, was appointed Wednesday to Transiently after the departure for reasons of health of the president of the Executive Board, Luc Oursel. Given the unavailability of Mr Luc Oursel, and in the current period of transition, the Supervisory Board decided to confer on Mr. Philippe Knoche the same powers that those of the president of the Executive Board, until the holding of the next General Assembly which will decide on the change of governance, said Areva in a press release. This Assembly, which will mark the transformation of the group into a company Board of Directors is currently scheduled on 9 December. The Areva Supervisory Board met today in Paris has renewed its confidence in the Executive Board of the group, composed of four members including Mr Oursel, said the group. 45-year-old Philippe Knoche joined Areva in 2000. The polytechnician and mining engineer is held various positions up to become CEO of the Group owned 87% by public capital in 2011. Very ill, Luc Oursel announced Monday his unexpected departure from the Presidency of the Board of Areva, nearly three and a half years after his appointment at the head of the nuclear group in trouble. In very difficult personal circumstances, despite my strong commitment to Areva, I had to bring myself to not continue my duties at the head of the company and put me off work for therapeutic reasons, had indicated the leader of 55 years in a statement. Joined Areva in 2007, Luc Oursel succeeded Anne Lauvergeon, which was the right arm, June 30, 2011, initially for a term of five years. Formally, he remains Chairman of the Board of Areva to the amendment by the Group of its mode of governance, at the request of the State wishing to increase the control of the shareholders on strategic decisions, criticised in the spring in an original of the Court of Auditors which considered the period Lauvergeon. -Future CEO? -In the framework of this new structure, Philippe Knoche could become director-general while the current President of the Supervisory Board, Pierre Blayau, preside over the Board of Directors. However, the question of succession was removed from the agenda of the Supervisory Board, which met Wednesday, said a Union source told AFP. Until Luc Oursel disease is known, several industrial sources were for weeks the Government will replace the head of the Group badly in point, confronted with persistent difficulties on the market of nuclear and renewable energy. According to the press, Pierre Blayau argued for the appointment of Mr. Philippe Knoche at the head of the specialist of the atom. AREVA had revised downward this summer its forecasts of activity, profitability and cash flow for this year, after a loss of 694 million euros in the first half. October 7, to escape a deterioration in its credit rating, the Group had announced its intention to further reduce its investments and sell more assets to strengthen its financial structure. In a difficult context for the nuclear sector as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi, Luc Oursel is used to implement an ambitious strategic plan, centered on the strengthening of the operational performance, have said Wednesday Ministers Ségolène Royal (ecology and energy), Michel Sapin (finance) and Emmanuel Macron (economy). He worked for the renewal of the industrial tool of Areva. It has also strengthened relations with major clients of Areva and including strengthened strategic partnership with EDF, its first customer, after a period of tensions between the two public groups time to Anne Lauvergeon, they added in a joint statement. In a few days, the french energy sector has been facing with cascade upheavals: in addition to Luc Oursel unannounced departure, there was no renewal of Henri Proglio at EDF, the CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie sudden disappearance and the appointment of Isabelle Kocher as number two of GDF Suez, putting it in pole position to replace term Gérard Mestrallet. . You should click the following page to discover more about this great subject.

Lombardy, the Expo tour by Maroni and the reshuffle.

No reshuffle. At least for now. Despite the tummy ache to Italy Force. Despite the pressure (discrete, but constant) by Matteo Salvini to bring Angelo Ciocca in the bargain in the Lombardy region. Seems that Roberto Maroni, to deal with the matter now, dont have any desire. Or rather, it deems useful. Nor feasible, given the constant stop-and-go of the Governor under the Madonnina. In the sense that settles for a few days and then starts to promote Expo. According to a may report business, travel plan by Roberto Maroni, just returned from London, saw the League leaders stop for a couple of days in Milan, on the occasion of the session of the Council yesterday and then today’s inauguration of Smau, the technological fair. But already from tomorrow rebounds for Washington, where he will be in institutional mission for Expo. Operating return next Monday. So, in fact, another week will pass without significant decisions on the main policy issue on the table. Also because it seems that Maroni has once again reiterated to Salvini: the problem is not the Angel Hair, which in fact is seen as a great asset. The problem is that the Governor is pleased with the team and would not want to make changes. The solution, it seems, would come from Vice President Ma, who clearly would have said to the Governor: improves two places the team, as among other things it is allowed by law. Anyway, apart from the danger of Balkanization of the Board (still present), the Governor would like to discuss the reshuffle under Christmas, when the Delrio and especially the stability Law will have points and decisions taken. Also because questions about proxies are many. And among these: If Fabrizio was enhanced as Room deserves, and as the President thinks you deserve, with a Minsitry of Expo, what will you do when the Expo is over?. You must check the following to learn more on this interesting subject.

The 300 billion euros of investment for the EU detailed before Christmas.

I will not here describe you the contents of this package. How can I, for that matter, when my new team members have not yet met to discuss? I would ask you just to make me enough confidence. You have my word that the members of my Committee and myself working us day and night to this task from our entry into function. If you bring us your support today, we will present you the package by Christmas. This is not a promise, it is an assertion. An ambition shared by key countries of the Union as the France and the Germany.  Paris and Berlin pledged Monday last to complete this European plan by issuing joint proposals in the near future to stimulate investment. Despite their differences on how to achieve this, Ministers of economy and Finance of the two States have planned to present a joint document by December. Year-end calendar Announces project to boost European growth. . You can read the following to discover more about this great topic.