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What Valls should tell Merkel,.

Thursday, at his press conference, the head of State warned: "That we are asked not to do in five years what the Germans have done in ten in a more favorable economy and unconstrained by deficit." Two days earlier, before deputies, Valls also announced color: "The Germany must assume its responsibilities." Three parliamentarians PS different obediences, connoisseurs of the Germany, deliver their advice to the Prime Minister. "Manuel Valls has an expression more direct than the president of the Republic. Precisely: so that it works with the Germans, it must be direct, simple, square. The Prime Minister must explain to the Chancellor the work that has already been done in France. Remember the foundations of French policy and the economic situation in which Europe finds itself: low growth, a difficult context that requires a work of coordination of our policies at European level. The Germans must mobilize their surpluses for the benefit of all. This country has an edge over the others, but it must be part of the solution to revive the European economic machine. The Germany needs the France to succeed its policy. ‘ ‘Okay, the Germany is tense on the question of deficits. But more than this issue, our neighbours are more sensitive to the process which should lead to the targets. At stages that are ours. The Germans expect less decreased accounting of our deficits that understand the vision that is ours to revive our economy. The Prime Minister must give concrete examples and explain the reforms that has been – eg rechargeable rights – say the Chancellor: on social dialogue, it was much more advanced than what you believe. It also ask more investment on the part of the Germans. In 2013, the GDP in the euro area was still lower than that of 2007! This situation is not only the fault of the France. The problem of Europe, it is the lack of investment. Everyone is responsible. ‘ "Manuel Valls must say to Angela Merkel that it can no longer continue like this. Say: If you like Europe, to change policy. Make concessions on fiscal, monetary policies and turn resolutely to the recovery of the economy. This is not to request a delay to the Germany,. Policies at European level do not work, please proceed otherwise. These are questions that many Germans are asking! They also see the consequences of such economic failure. Their growth rate is very low. But that time lost! If Holland had arrived after June 6, 2012 and told Merkel: I have a mandate, we cannot go on like this, it would not be,. At the bottom of himself, the President knows. Today, unfortunately, it is far more complicated. » .

Two German terror suspects in Frankfurt arrested.

Kenya has delivered two from Germany, suspected members of the terror group Al Schabaab. The men with German citizenship had been landed in Frankfurt am Main on Saturday and arrested by officials of the Federal Criminal Police Office, told the Attorney General. Both are now in custody. Them it is according to a 30-year German Tunisian and a 22-year German. They were arrested Kenyan according to end of August upon returning from neighboring Somalia civil war country. The accused should be travelled to information of the Generalbundesanwaltes in 2012 by Germany out to Somalia to join the Al-Schabaab militia. They are highly suspect, in a camp of separatist training in the handling of firearms and hand grenades to have run through and subsequently took part in operations of the terrorist organization, so the Attorney General. Al Schabaab leads a fight against the Government in Somalia since 2006. The Islamists To want statehood there God according to their ideas. The terrorist attack in Somalia and other East African countries regularly. Among other things she is being blamed for the attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi. 67 people were killed a year ago. She also tried to kill again and again foreign tourists in Kenya. .

Singapore: Hamilton wins out, the world Rosberg opens. 4° the direct Alonso.

A victory built with a monstre: drove like a madman when the tires were now to limit digging a huge furrow in less than fourteen laps, while others behind him chose to arrive at the bottom using soft after the entry of the safety car. In this way, Lewis has been able to make the pit stop and re-enter just behind Vettel, slipped soon after. Singapore is also a masterpiece of German Red Bull, four-time world champion, the protagonist of a disastrous season. He managed to finish in second place with tires already cooked, holding off that devil of Ricciardo, but Fernando Alonso attacks that pointed to the podium, and he had all the cards in order to get there after a departure somewhat too aggressive when he cut a curve taking second. But had to return the location so as not to run into penalty. Then the Ferrari pit decision to risk everything with the tyre change in safety car on track, in the belief that the Red Bull with less fresh shells would have had problems. It didn’t go as well. Raikkonen finished eighth, passed in the final by Vergne and Perez. .

Double attempted murder for the control of drug dealing in the city.

Double attempted murder at dawn, market control of drug dealing, the former Manifattura tabacchi di Bologna. Three gunshots were fired towards two North Africans: one unscathed, the other was achieved to a thigh. Transported to the hospital, was operated: it is not life threatening. Investigators speculate a settling of accounts among Tunisians from Tunis and Sfax. A very bad and very worrying signal for Valter Giovannini, Attorney and spokesman added. The ambush occurred at about 5. 30 at an entrance to the facility, located on the outskirts of the city, an area degraded and known for drug smuggling. The two North Africans were sitting on a sofa in a sort of ‘ reception ‘ intended for buyers who order drugs and then retire to a nearby window, when they were targeted by blasts of gunfire. The budget could be more bloody: the bullet that hit one of two to one thigh has not fortunately injured the injury. The flying squad is investigating to trace the authors of two attempted murder. A few months ago the Prosecutor added Valter Giovannini-who is also Coordinator of common crime and pool for years following the argument-it had detected, speaking with reporters, that with the new rules on soft drugs and on minor charges for many drug dealers ‘ regulars ‘ will open the doors of Italian prisons, with troubling consequences. In a nutshell, he added, when the recent law comes into force, having been lowered the maximum sentence for the so-called ‘ mild ‘ store, in practice that on the road, that so afflicts all cities, including Bologna, will no longer be possible to apply the prison, at most you may be subject to arrest. However paradoxical effect and is obviously not desired by the legislature: will remain free, but inevitably modest totally ineffective measures like a ban on residence and signature, all those who do not have a domicile, that is to say almost all of the foreign drug dealers. And this on Bologna, elected in the North Italy square for white heroin smuggling, which caused many victims, cannot but arouse concern. Two to three hours after the double attempted murder, not far from the former Manifattura tabacchi another Maghrebi was stabbed. To realize this second episode-which could be connected to the first and whether investigations are ongoing bond-flying squad officers who had gone to the hospital for investigations of the shooting. Investigators noticed two Maghreb and initially thought they were connected to the wounded for the shots. Actually became Auditors who were there for another episode which saw a wounded several Maghrebi shots from prime cut. The man, who is not serious, had arrived at the hospital by a taxi, and then was not called nor the police nor the 118. So if the agents had not noticed what had happened, the news of the episode probably would come in the next few days, investigators. .

The State only with more Europe reinvents.

Useless today emphasize the apparent explosion that the prevalence of the yes votes would result in the European Union. The Chairman of the Committee that had motivated that an independent Scotland would not automatically could continue to be a member of the EU, to which, moreover, as each new State, would have to make new request for accession as England. More likely a result of the victory of the Yes would have been the automatic exclusion of England even by the Security Council and all international positions on both the United Nations and Nato. The result of the referendum remains crucial to the future policy of the United Kingdom and to stay within Europe, which must be submitted to a referendum in 2017. The greater rights and concessions promised to the nation with the Scottish devolution will grant to the other nations of the United Kingdom, as the Wales and Northern Ireland, the same privileges and rights granted to Scotland. It is also true that the United Kingdom from 307 years preserves its four Nations, i.e. just England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but the institutional profile of the realm will never be the same, nor in London you will rule the same way. Scotland’s attempt to move permanently from country to independent State leads to important conclusions. The first, widely emphasized by the New York Times, is the demonstration of a global crisis of the elite, the crisis that led and found further boost with secessionist movement of Catalonia and of the Netherlands and who has found, albeit in their different identities, similar rebellions in right-wing parties in Europe, from Greece to Sweden, to France, to Italy, to Belgium and the United States Tea Party, all claiming retail services for different failure of political elite in power, responsible for the utter inability to govern the disasters caused by the globalisation of financial capitalism, because of the intolerable increase of inequality, unemployment and poverty. .

Jamal, the happy boy lived only in hospital.

He first saw a butterfly flying in the corridors of the Department, when mistress Antonia hid a bug with its cocoon close to my room to let me see how it arose. And he still remembers with a laugh the first time bigiò lessons, when a priest secretly brought me to the Vatican museums because the Sistine Chapel, he said, no you can not study only on books. Jamal Easilyt today has 20 years, lives in San Giovanni and mail delivery (but are actually a handyman) at Bambino Gesù hospital, where he lived for 18 years of his life. Ever since he was six months old and his parents left him there, plagued by a severe neurological disease that affects the intestines. Since then the hospital has adopted and raised as a son, to hire him after the long hospital stays. And if last year had graduated as accountant, tells, it was only thanks to the school in the hospital. An experience in Rome 40 years ago was among the pioneers, along with the Twins, just the baby Jesus. And today in the capital counts 23 sections in Department, divided among five hospitals, which rely on teachers from partner schools, such as Virgil and the Virgilietto for the child Jesus, to allow children hospitalized in day-care or to continue their education. This evolving experience, explains Alberto Antinori, prof of Virgilietto that in 89 introduced the averages to pediatric del Gianicolo-Jamal is the personification of success: her journey was the testing ground of all our initiatives. Already, because Jamal the walls of baby Jesus made from first grade at the fifth higher, although in recent years-said-when I was a little better, sometimes in class I, in via delle Fornaci. There too, to accompany him were the hospital’s volunteers, creating a special project just for him. Starting from Mario parent, chaplain, with which the night-remember the boy-sometimes I saw the Harry Potter films, nascondendomi by the nurses. They-along with teachers-brought the outside world into the hospital for Jamal, making him meet his idol: Francesco Totti. And for an avid romanista as me-tells the boy, a native of Morocco, has been the top. But not only. As in the rooms of the computer they ran many, prof Antinori, who teaches her music, I also gave lectures in computer science on his pc. Sure-remember Jamal-often I missed having companions, because there were a lot of children here, but came and went. So prof Antinori, before beginning the lesson, I was always a magic trick, while nurses and coccolavano me, sometimes, I suggested as well. Teach in the hospital is totally different, explains Abdullah-you have to completely redefine roles and methods and creating a human bond much stronger since the relationship is often one by one. We must fully bring into play. With Jamal, then continues the music teacher-the challenge was even greater, because his family context was the hospital: it was here that he learned to talk, to socialize, which has formed in his autonomy. And I still remember the commotion at her eighth grade examination, in the room of the primary, when he left all in awe. There campimmo that I had done and that he would have done it in the future. Now Jamal lesson no longer. But the school in the hospital, the baby Jesus as in other structures, continues to evolve in order to respond better to the needs of the students and their families. Since last year, says Lucy in the sky, head of hospitality, started an experimental project adult literacy, because now a patient on ten is a stranger and parents often have difficulty reading prescriptions. But not only. We have always been a source of technological innovation-tells Abdullah-introducing e-learning when still not used none. And now we are working on an app that integrates with electronic logs of schools to meet the families and better organize the activities. .

Discover boat Museum and the flavours of the North Aegean.

The opening and the opening of new museums and a rich culinary tradition make of the islands of the North Sea Aegean, Samos, Chios and Lesbos, the best destination for tourists looking for the exception during the months of September and October. The sea is calm, pleasant temperatures, the omnipresent Sun, and deserted beaches with prizes divided by two compared to those of the summer. The fall of Greek is far much more pleasant and romantic as the summer it remains sunny and conducive to an unforgettable trip on a boat to sail. Pythagorion is the oldest trade in the Mediterranean port. Between the 7th and the 6th century before J. C. Samos was the largest exporter of foodstuffs. Accumulated wealth is reflected today still everywhere in the island. Hereon, the temple of the goddess Hera, was the largest temple of the ancient Greece. In the 6th century b. C. the Samiotes built the first tunnel in the world, with a length of 1. 036 metres, the Efpalinion. It is intended to distribute water across Samos in the town of Pythagorion. The Archaeological Museum of the town and the work done by the archaeologist Maria Veglaki-Sofianou places it in this new trend of Greek museums such as the Museum of the Acropolis of Athens. In addition to the centrepiece, Diane carved in black and white marble statue, the exhibition recent discoveries allows the visitor to understand the daily life and customs of the ancient Greeks from Samos. Looking at the exhibition and going to the large windows of the Museum we find ourselves facing the sea and the Straits of Mikäli. The Straits with a length of 1. 430 metres separate Europe from Asia and the Greece of the Turkey. They are difficult and sometimes dangerous, borders borders which are also the theme of the exhibition to the Art Space Pythagorio Borderline. The Museum of the petrified forest is an important geological park. In this museum are presented also the origins of the formation of the Aegean Sea. Make the 5 km course in the Park. Petrified trees, ancestors of conifers in Europe and California sequoia, are presented as they were originally. They are 20 million years old. The village of Sigri beachfront is renowned for its lobster. Remezzo, Panagiota and Nontas are proud of their revenues. In addition to the crawfish, Australia is also known for its mezedes (small dishes Greeks that we share around the table). .

Fußball – Bundesliga: Tin Bauer celebrates draw against FC Bayern with Hamburg.

When the Tabellenletzte of the Football League receives the German record champions, then interest is Hamburg – usually only the amount of the expected wait. Not so on Saturday. The Tabellenletzte, Hamburger SV, had finally once again changed his coach. Josef Zakir, a former U23 coach, was allowed to participate equally in his first game as leader of the first team against Bayern – and hinted that it could In fact up go under him on his debut. The 0-0 draw was the result of a significantly improved hamburger Elf – and a shock for the clear Favorites from Munich. The guests, in which Thomas Müller, Mario Götze, Robert Lewandowski and Xabi Alonso initially sat on the bench and Arjen lacked injured seals, struggled in once again altered starting lineup from the outset. Although the defending champions as expected game providing goalscoring chances there in the first half but wasn’t. In the second half, HSV access would have taken almost to the leadership Nicolai Müller, than he was before the out rushing Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to the ball, then but just his aim missed (47.). Bayern increased the pressure anything affiliated. Philipp Lahm with the best chance of Bayern but failed to HSV goalie Jaroslav Drobny (53rd), who again replaced René Adler between the posts. The 19 year-old Davie Selke, who had extended his contract with Werder this week until 2018, shocked the hosts with his first Bundesliga goal in the third minute. Augsburg but not long ran behind the backlog. Daniel Baier to compensate enforced only eleven minutes later after a fine pass by Halil ALTINTOP. Augsburg was allowed to celebrate at the end of the second victory of the season, because after the 2:1 by Paul Verhaegh (45 + 2, penalty) and compensate by Werder’s Franco di Santo (56th, penalty) Tobias Werner for a latte shot from Caiuby reacted fastest and head Werder goalkeeper Raphael Wolf overcame (77.). The 4-2 by Tim Matavz was then for the statistics (90 + 3). The 1:1 for Chelsea in the Champions League it has FC on Wednesday – Schalke not the desired buoyed. Frankfurt’s Alexander Meier, in Gelsenkirchen as striker offered up, Russ met increased after a cross from acute angle (15), Marco after a solo (24.). A disguise hand penalty by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (41) was the culmination of a turbulent first half. After the break, Julian Draxler first equalled by header (50th), then saw Kevin-Prince Boateng in the 61st minute for repeated foul play yellow-red. Only ten minutes later, it caught Draxler, who received the red card due to advocacy to – on his 21st birthday. Also Frankfurt’s Slobodan Medojevic had after repeated foul play with yellow-red prematurely to the showers (85.). The climber from Ostwestfalen, previously unbeaten, was the more active team in the first half. Weaknesses in the passing game prevented but real end situations. The guests, started well in the season, went with the high tempo, A lot more than hectic spread but no team. Paderborn Elias Kachunga, who recycled a header template by Uwe Hüne Garcia from a short distance (71.) made for 1-0. Hannover could No more counter. In the final minute Moritz Stoppelkamp was the goal of the month, at least: almost from the own penalty area border, the midfielder pummelled the ball over the guests advanced to across to the final score in the network. The reward for the SC: the – at least interim – standings. .

Turkish prisoners of IS: the mysterious hostage rescue of Mosul.

The Turkish nationals were brought early Saturday morning by Syria from over the border to Sanliurfa, where Davutoglu received them. Then he flew alongside them in the capital, Ankara. An employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it involved 46 persons, three of the detainees were Iraqis who have worked for the Consulate. They were not placed in the Turkey. The hostages, goes on to say in the report, had been brought to the border IS fighters and there passed the Turkey. Gun violence should be been applied accordingly. Also, Davutoglu statement suggests, the happy outcome is days, weeks hard work. These contacts were useful. In addition, all hostages were unharmed and well. Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said IS would have been called the September 20 as the date for the release after earlier dates without result were passed on Saturday mornings. Thus, he acknowledged that there have been negotiations between Ankara and IS. When a week ago US Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Ankara to get Turkey’s support in the fight against IS he picked up a rebuff. The allies was hesitant and not even allowed that the Incirlik airbase near the Syrian border may be used for air strikes against positions of the IS. It would provide only humanitarian assistance. Several hundred thousand refugees from the Iraq and Syria are currently living in Turkey. An offensive in Syria triggered a new exodus. Turkish politicians repeatedly justified their restraint with their concern for the hostages. The Wall Street Journal called the Turkey then our non-allies in Ankara. The Turkish news site Takva Haber, however, sees in Turkey’s refusal to join the coalition against IS a success. This stance was the reason for the release of the hostages. Turkey unofficially recognised the Islamic State through negotiations with the jihadists. That have rewarded IS. .

Blog “Digital / breaks”: University as a melancholic reminder.

Life forms have their formative year rhythms, and a stressed discontinuity belongs to the rhythm of the life of the University. There are detailed "spring holidays" actually only in Germany, but everywhere, summer is a time of hibernation for the University as an institution. Therefore, Faculty salaries at many private colleges in the United States are paid out over nine months, which however does not necessary means that June’s intellectual life comes to a standstill until September. For humanists, for example, the institutional hibernation months are a time of intensive reading and writing. The annual return to a weekly rhythm that iron fast and quite invariably is tied to the return of lectures, office hours, and administrative meetings more difficult then. Even after forty-four years in the time machine of the University of late September and early October for me have been a range of reluctant farewell to the summer of reading and writing, where I close the eyes before the new beginning of teaching, as long as it can. When the seminars and lectures but start – I today even more than in my professional youth – follow to how tedious it must be to bring a wheelchair swing. There are so many comments, assumptions and concepts, to plant the new in each seminar, I that there are again always on the new precarious growing together (or failure) of the group that sits around a table, to – discuss, and yet feel at some point whatever in November, that it was worth the trouble, that no other form of institutional life is the University of opennessThat risk, intensity and sometimes, for a moment, on intuitions of fulfillment. The history of the University by Diskintinuität so marked as their annual rhythm. Although the term with which we call it dating back to the middle ages, but the form of life we elders continue to have in mind when we say "University", comes from the early nineteenth century, from the time of the first delivery of a "civil" society. Although the University has trained himself in Very much different national traditions, which then were all over the world from Europe, but no one has so inspired the vanishing point of its ideal shape and so inspirerend described such as Wilhelm von Humboldt (discovered until decades after his death) notes for the "establishment of a University in Berlin. "Three thoughts are in the foreground. The University – first – producing new knowledge intended (exclusively: knowledge, writes Humboldt, is the task of the gymnasium). So the State achieved this objective knowledge renewal (the Prussian Humboldt Secretary of State thought at private universities Not yet), he must finance the University ("elucidate" is Humboldt’s Word), without – second – this funding to bind any intellectual specifications or conditions: If the University always produced the knowledge that the State of her expected she would be never innovative. As the Energy Center of the University, Humboldt – third – identifies the encounter between students and professors. Their different tonalities of the young and the mature enthusiasm should mutually continues inspire himself and wear. Here is the basic idea of structure, later as the principle of "unity of teaching and research" canonized and cultivated. Once their dynamic – especially takes ride in the small working groups of the humanities "seminar" and the science "laboratory" -, we can experience the University as a singular place of intensity and fulfillment. To this spiritual core of intensity, fulfillment and freedom forms and rituals of the sociability have formed, worn by the special euphoria of the University, in the century of Humboldt national each different coloured. The student life of old Heidelberg, for example, with the "connections" at the beginning of her historic patriotic high pitched and dazzling of all bourgeois conventions proclivities to the "love." The exclusive, sophisticated circle of literary and political taste in Oxford and Cambridge, which Oscar Wilde longing, as he stood at the zenith of his world fame. Or the intellectuality of the students at the Sorbonne in the fifth arrondissement of Paris focused on changes in each established beliefs and relationships. Today, the life of this tale has come to a halt, they exist only dressed up as tourist attractions, one rather remembers about T-Shirts as in the reverberation of classic readings. And – honestly – how many times that November feeling arises because still, a seminar took its momentum and increases, when my students for the last time believed that a guest lecture or a publication published just was an existential – not only professionally – important for them? The name of the University and its continued existence as an institution may be now less than ever in danger – but the life of the mind as the source of their energy seems dried up in the normal case of the presence of a melancholic reminder. What has changed since the middle of the twentieth century, when a generation of war returnees still in classrooms learned to live? Since 1968, when the spirit of the youth wanted to revolutionize Government and society? Since the 1970s and 1980s years, when there were contemporary theory authors, whose the last book you just had to have read? Petrodollars cause reasons – booked on the account of social progress and must book the obvious answers to these questions. 1926 there were in Germany about hundred thousand students at twenty-three academic academies. In Marburg fluctuated their number between "something about three thousand" in the summer and "just under three thousand" in the winter, and that Martin Heidegger gave a lecture before more than sixty listeners, was regarded as a sensation, Which one aroused the jealousy of his colleagues. Today, a university degree has become the normal expectation for young people of the middle class and also the normal requirement for a variety of professional careers. A positive development certainly, but she has high feeling of the students of earlier absorbed, to live – in an emergency situation and to be with him the opportunity, in the presence of a seminar or a lecture to the community. The Humboldt’s core of the University, but had earlier resolved, namely since that time, when the University became the primary to an institution of professional education, where the production of new insights increasingly considered desirable, but peripheral exception. Some remainders the ideal of unity of teaching and research worked on until today, in the – by no means mandatory and exclusive German – expectation that medical students should complete their studies with a research-based thesis. The normally awaited by the respected lecturers but today is the outsourcing of cutting-edge research in institutions that No more participate in the teaching. Such institutions their research priorities are – with the exception of Humanities probably contrary to Humboldt’s recommendation and tasks of the State "supplying them" quite specified, because the question has long been politically ubiquitous has become, whether the cost of research by its relevance to "the taxpayer" were to justify. At the same time, the technologically advanced industries – emphasize nowhere louder than in Silicon Valley – By the way that they themselves more efficient and therefore less costly can organize any relevant research, but also the training of future employees as the universities. Strictly – and maybe too pessimistic–taken all this means that in the University of the early twenty-first century not only research and education have lost their Humboldt’s close; also the research and training withdrawn even further the University – independent movements -. So I imagine the University as a place of the living spirit, as a place where the different tonalities of the enthusiasm of various generations inspired each other, in the lethargy of the early autumn before – and as an employee of an elite University, Which one quite worthy of the name and still dressed up these days for their freshmen as a California "Club Méditerranée" – the University as a place of the living spirit will be old soon just a nostalgic transfigured memory among us. However, this does not, that the living spirit had died, and probably even less means that we live in a time of social decay. It just means that the life span of the institutional form tends to its end, which has fed me well and entertain A lot better and the mind-blowing probably already somewhere else. .