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Coming-of-age film land of miracles: Involuntarily precocious.

Gelsomina finds the film by Alice Rohrwacher, which took the Grand Prize of the jury in reception to the amazement of many in Cannes, Centre be early. Exactly this perspective may have fallen so Jane Campion, the Chairman of the jury, the girl shares with the typical Campion heroines. Her precocious flair for upcoming applied and vanishing escape routes. And her instinct for a below-all constraints truth. Alice Rohrwacher leaves much of the approximate. The origin of the parents that communicate rather led to further speculation as to situate the characters reliably. One speaks Italian, regulates important prior to the children of French and escape into a strange-sounding German. Even Cocò (Sabine Timoteo), who has joined the family as a replacement community, talks so edgy, as she feels more at home in any language in the world. She keeps out of everything, eludes in Yoga exercises and aggressive silence. Only as Martin, a delinquent boy, to the rehabilitation on the farm comes, she accelerated only too happy to contact between him and Gelsomina and brings pedantic as kissing educator in the game. The best thing about this film is his loving dovetailing of Gelsomina Cosmos, their work with the bees, their responsibility to sisters and parents, with the place of the season. Late summer and puberty, family crisis and fleeing bee colonies. The period of transition. One where even your own body for all the yearning is A lot too tight for new and its deformation to a sexual annoying consequences of an inevitable heteronomy feel like to. . For additional insights regarding this subject read

Peugeot and Renault increasing their market share in France.

Over the first nine months of the year, wealthy French brands are in the Green: + 7.5% for Peugeot Citro n, + 6.9% for Renault + 1.2% and + 21.2% in Dacia. And the ten best-selling cars in France in September were French, the Volkswagen Golf pointing the 11th place. This category expanding cat mathematics EMBL, Renault Captur on basis of Clio and Peugeot 2008 e answered of the 208, featured in the top 10. The end of the t saw the entry into sc of new urban chips lights manufacturers, Citro n C1-Peugeot 108 and the Renault Twingo cousins. Mr. Roudier said that these vehicles of category economic and lower repr cat v feel more than one car on two sold in France. Since the d the e ann purpose, 1. 337. 327 cars were sold in France. The m I p e ann period last, this figure was 1. 309 813, but 2013 had established a low point for the sector, and the volumes remain much lower than before the crisis e started in 2008. We are happy because we completely silent at the bottom of the hole, and you go back. But we must see that a normal French march, it is two million vehicles, l v we will finish the year 1.8 million and some, relativises the repr smelling of CCFA. � . You must visit the following blog to read more regarding this great topic.

Hong Kong: Beijing strengthens the censorship of the Net.

Fu King-wa, a Hong Kong University media expert, says that the number of microblogs erased on Sina Weibo, first China (equivalent of Twitter) microblogging service, has reached a record number. Mr. King-wa is the founder of Weiboscope, a site that explores daily the fate of 50 000 to 60 000 new microblogs published in China. It found that the ratio of deleted microblogs had increased from 98 to 10,000 Saturday at 152 for 10,000 Sunday, at the time the height of the clashes between police and demonstrators in Hong Kong. This is the highest rate in 2014, it is even higher on 4 June, anniversary of crushing of the Tiananmen Square, the subject the more censored in China Beijing spring, he added. According to the website specialised GreatFire. org, China has probably never even blocked sites with information that today ‘ hui. This is part of a broader and more disturbing, trend comments Charlie Smith, pseudonym of one of the founders of Greatfire. org, who is studying the control of the Internet by the Communist authorities. Most people think that the Chinese authorities are ready to everything to maintain their power in hand, but much less imagined that they would switch to isolate the country from the global Internet in this way, he added. The spectre that haunts everyone is the use of violence, tanks, the brutal repression, concludes Mr. Goldkorn. In which case, the challenge will be size for the censors. . You must check this to read more regarding this interesting subject.

BRUSSELS-The Italy marks another step in the feminine diplomacy. Ambassador Edward Zappia was appointed Italy’s Permanent Representative to Nato. The Italian Foreign Ministry, headed again for a few weeks by Federica Mogherini who is about to leave the Office to relocate to Brussels as EU High Representative of foreign policy of the EU (and Vice-President), stresses that it is the first woman to be appointed as Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council in Brussels. A signal that gives a face Italy’s more dynamic and fast», stressed on the occasion of the appointment Mogherini in Council of Ministers. With Zappia Nato strengthens the Italian female presence in the management of Defense, whose Ministry is held by Roberta Pinotti. Born in 1959 in Mantua, Ambassador Mohammed graduated in political science at the University of Florence in 1981 and entered into a diplomatic career in 1983. From 2011 to September 2014 was EU Ambassador Service (EEAS, European External Action Service) at the United Nations in Geneva. Minister Plenipotentiary from 2010, was in service to the Italian Representative to the UN since 2007. The Ministry has led the Office of development cooperation of the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and the Balkans and, previously, the Office of press and information service, which coordinates relations with the Italian press. Other offices held, from 2000 to 2003 was first Counsellor at the permanent representation at the UN in New York, and from 1997 to 2000 with functions of Counsellor in Brussels, was on secondment to the information task force of Nato during the Kosovo conflict. During his career has also been added Console in New York (1990-1993) and business Secretary in Dakar (1986-1990). Speaker at international conferences on issues of multilateralism, human rights, migration, disarmament and the common foreign and security policy of the EU, published on the reform of the Security Council and the Italian contribution to peace-keeping operations of the United Nations. Married to Denis Caillaux, has two children.   . You must click the following website to read more on this great subject.

Agencies announce lawsuit – Cabinet approves rent brake.

As a measure against sharply rising rents in popular areas, the Federal Government has decided the rental price brake. Thus he who places the order – so in most cases pays the landlord in the future. Brokers fear financial losses, and To want to go the way of the action. "And even the"price Bremschen"for old buildings is left to the countries so that threatens a conspicuous patchwork," lay said. "The real estate lobby has done a great job, the SPD is caved in on almost all along the line." Maas and the Bundestag group leaderships of Union and the SPD had agreed last week on the details, which now have been decided. The countries can set for five years, in what areas the brake should have access. The German tenants Association praised the concept in principle. "This is an important step, in particular the drastic increase of back rental rents in major cities, metropolitan areas and University cities to limit", said Director Lukas Siebenkotten. "In the course of the legislative procedure must be improved but still", he asked with views of Bundestag and Bundesrat. So, it is unclear how violations will be prosecuted. The law should represent no invitation to landlord, "first of all with excessive rents To try it", called Siebenkotten. . Inspirational data can be read visiting this

Isis, besieging Kobane jihadis. Turkey sends tank and 10 thousand soldiers.

The Islamic State militiamen besieging the city for days of Syrian Kobane, on the border with Turkey, where in the last two weeks have fled over 160 thousand civilians. At this time Ankara is planning to respond to the threat. "I am 10. 000 Turkish soldiers deployed on the border with Syria after artillery strikes on Sunday ", the Turkish newspaper Zaman writes. Ankara is "in a State of high alert" ahead of the go-ahead to anti-Isis, yesterday at the Centre of a military-Government Summit. The head of the armed forces, Gen. Necdet Ozel informed the military Government plans to extend the "Turkish contribution" to the actions of the coalition against the Isis.  Ankara is a priority for the establishment of a "buffer zone" along the border. The Government has filed two separate motions to Parliament, one on the other Syria on Iraq. According to Zaman, include "the sending of troops" on the ground.  The Turkish military also deployed at least 34 armored vehicles along the border. And Turkey ‘ bench in the besieged Sulemain Shah’s Tomb in Aleppo: some 40 soldiers were already surrounded by a thousand of jihadists. Ankara has been forced to deny their catch. The trail of terror which Islamic status brings with it knows no end: the Isis continues spreading to full hands terror and horror, cutting his head who gets in his way. This time it’s touched three women for the first time, and a man, all Kurdish fighters captured in Syria. And at the same time, through a new video of John Cantlie, the British reporter held hostage, the ‘ califfò Abu Bakr al Baghdadi manda a dire challenge with "the Obama strategy is unpredictable" and "the new conflict" in Syria and Iraq, which is "the third Gulf war", "will not make the West more secure": with raidensures, not win.  It’s new ‘ messaggì that feed the alarm in the West even further, to the extent that the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, came to warn that "the Isis, if not countered and left in Iraq and Syria proliferate, could become a terrorist State, and get to pose a nuclear threat, because it could have chemical, biological weapons or even nuclear. But in the meantime the American fighters have made ben 22 air raids in 24 hours: 11 in Iraq, where in particular were destroyed stations of Isis near the Mosul Dam, and 11 in Syria near Aleppo and Mazra at Duwud, near the border with Turkey.  At the same time, on the ground, Kurdish peshmerga fighters, in turn, have launched a counter-offensive against Isis on three fronts in the North of Iraq.  And even London has officially announced that Tornado fighters of His Britannic Majesty has accomplished "successfully" the first two raid anti-isis, bombarding Kurdish jihadist stations upon request in the North of Iraq. . You must visit the following to learn more about this great topic.

Taunts in the Coalition: A charming appearance.

The Minister for Economic Affairs and Vice Chancellor had said the opposite last week in the Bundestag. Gabriel announced "renegotiations" to Ceta – because the so-called safeguards for investors. "It is quite clear that we reject this investment protection rules," Gabriel said in the debate over free trade agreements of the EU with the United States and Canada, in which he had to escape the fierce attacks of the opposition from all sides emotionally. Gabriel has been there, Which one had hung the clamp "Minister of staging" around the neck of the Defense Minister. Meeting of the SPD Bundestag group early September. Gabriel made fun of the Cabinet. Even if the stand Leyen in the copy room of the Ministry of defence, she look in the distance and let himself be photographed, reported the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" as the content of his speech. The members laughed. Gabriel said: "When I get to the Copier, I check down, which I copy." Fire was free – not only for Saeed. Thomas Oppermann, the SPD Bundestag Group Chairman, put it: "The Defense Minister must now prove management qualities and fit make the Bundeswehr means." Forever, the label of "Staging" on the forehead of the Defense Minister to glue also for the case, that she was even higher, going. So, Social Democrats, telling that many Christian Democrats – even the Chancellor? -such attacks be agreeable. Hardly a Defense Minister be eliminated politically unscathed from the Office – Of course apart from Peter Struck and Helmut Schmidt, who was Chancellor, even. Deaf tried to fend off the accusation and sought the help of the Brandenburg State party with federal implications. "Where go we doing there if coalition partner each other dictate who you have to send in a Government and who will assume Which one role? That would be so, as we would say: A grand coalition can only To give’s leaving wife Schwesig in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – because that is in fact sometimes difficult bearable for Christian Democrats. "Tauber could rely on Kauder. Merkel’s ally had more costly plans of Schwesigs in mind, recently launched in the Bundestag, sometime must "it also be good". . You must click this to discover more on this interesting matter.

How dinosaurs became birds.

That birds have evolved from dinosaurs, this is no longer a secret for a long time. Archaeopteryx, mi-dinosaure half-bird, long regarded as the ancestor of the species lived 150 million years, but there remained some areas of shadow on how, from a cousin of T – Rex, could arrive at the little brother of Titi. Can we draw the line between the winged dinosaur and bird? When and how missing giant predators there are 66 million years evolved to give birth to the multitude of bird species we know today? The study, which is published in the journal Current Biology, shows that the different anatomical traits of birds such as feathers, wings and the sternum (this characteristic bone in most of the avian), have all evolved little by little in their dinosaur ancestors, and over a period of tens of millions of years. Over time, some dinosaurs therefore took more in addition to characteristics of birds. According to these scientists, once all the necessary parts to form a bird were obtained, an evolutionary explosion occurred, causing a rapid increase of the speed at which the birds evolved then into thousands of species we know today. In arriving at these conclusions, the researchers analyzed anatomical composition over 850 physical characteristics of 150 species extinct, examining the links between ancient birds and their closest relatives dinosaur evolutionary. The result, achieved through statistical analysis techniques, this is a family tree of the family, starting with the great ancestor, the family of tyrannosaurs. Tree on which it is very difficult to draw a line between dinosaurs and birds. Today, two branches of science have studied the subject: biologists, who observe how the wings of modern birds grow during the growth of the embryo, and paleontologists, that focus on the bones of dinosaurs and early birds. Alexander Vargas laboratory, at the University of the Chile, has combined both approaches, corroborating the fossils of several museums and collecting data from development of different species of modern birds. . Related data can be read visiting info.

The catalan challenge in unknown terrain.

‘We will continue to campaign for the Yes vote in the referendum of November 9,’ launches Alfred Bosch, spokesman for ERC to the Spanish Parliament. "We fully respect the Constitutional Court, but we respect even more the mandate that we gave the people of Catalonia, at the polls and in the street," he says on the phone. On the side of the catalan Government, it runs without saying. Official to encourage participation campaign was suspended in ‘temporary and preventive’ manner, announced his spokesman. The catalan Government, one of the few players to officially believe in the possibility of a green light from the judges, said wait for the final verdict of the Constitutional Court. And after? If, on 9 November, Mas installs the polls against the opinion of the tribunal, it enters into disobedience, even in rebellion against Madrid, two offences punished by the penal Code. The tension could reach its peak. If he renounces, Mas will have to offer an alternative to millions of freedom fighters to whom he has promised a vote and its allies and political competitors, supporting not only as a guarantor of the returning officer. . You can click this to read extra on this great topic.

On medical encyclopedias are referred to as "diseases of poverty", known in Italy after World War II, experienced by migrants of the Bel Paese left in quarantine on Ellis Island, the islet that was peeking (even from afar) the statue of liberty. They were also their parties on dilapidated and unsound, boats had scabies, ringworm and those diseases fueled by malnutrition and a lack of care. Now that Italy and Rome are the promised land, resurface diseases did not feel more talk for fifty years. Scabies, ringworm, heart problems caused by rheumatism, as well as hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis explains Francesco Russo, Tor Vergata Polyclinic doctor, President of the Institute of medicine integral onlus, privileged observatory in the treatment of migrants. Are diseases that emerged in Italy had been eradicated, poverty, the absence of care, extreme poverty situations the feeds, serve specialized devices adds Russian. Update the "doctors of the frontier", those dealing with emergency devices activated before for example in front of the Salem Palace in Tor Vergata and unauthorized encampments to Ponte Mammolo and Collatina. Training courses on medicine of poverty and migration were Red Cross workers on Saturday. The INVISIBLE There a resurgence of poverty, diseases eradicated in Rome for the past fifty years, fuelled today by poor hygiene, malnutrition says Flavio Drones, President of Rome’s Provincial Committee of the Red Cross. Remains high monitoring of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis that with appropriate prophylaxis can be kept under control. The Red Cross yesterday participated in a table with the region to discuss on the topic of migration flows. Needless to disregard migrants who sleep in stations and necessary healthcare. Even politics took to the field. Municipalities informed by the Prefecture when they get new migrants, more security, controls of reception centres, funds from the Ministry of the Interior for integration projects, but also the strengthening of specialist doctors in diseases of poverty in the emergency room. Themes at the heart of yesterday’s Summit called by the Secretary of the Democratic Party together with Roman Lionello Cosentino Presidents of municipalities-says the Deputy Khalid Chaouki-the plan will be presented to Mayor Ignazio Marino. Need a delegate of the Mayor to manage this phase likely to be explosive in the coming weeks. There are also health devices for medical care although once landed immigrants are subject to strict controls. Many to remain invisible while awaiting onward travel to Europe. For ten years at Tor Bella Monaca there Supportive Medicine Institute of Amico Aspertini 15 helps every year. 000 people, 70% foreigners. Nigerians, Afghans, but also Roma. Free medicines thanks to an agreement with Banco farmaceutico, but also food parcels for many Italians in poverty. If it weren’t for these doctors of "frontier" many foreigners incrocerebbero not ever a white coat. . Similar text can be read clicking