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Bayreuther Festspiele: Wagner happiness is fleeting.

Was what? Oh, Yes, the thing with the interruption: for the first time in its one hundred thirty-eight-year-old history the Bayreuth had to start twice Festival. At the opening of the Festival on Friday the stage machinery went on strike at the revival of Richard Wagner’s "Tannhäuser" immediately after the Overture. Precisely the Venusberg in the staging by Sebastian Baumgarten remained a round cage populated with prehistoric beings and giant sperm, driving up halfway fit. Cracking tore two hooks from the cage lid and all around it rained wood debris. A nightmare for every theatre of operation, especially since this production not far from the cables away sitting in viewers in the stage. Initially they played on. Michelle Breedt and Torsten improvised guy in the roles of Venus and Tannhäuser bravely her first scene, awkwardly balancing on the semi-high wobbly pedestal. But the sense of responsibility for the administration of the game won: curtain, clearance of the Auditorium, fifty minutes break. Finally, the good two thousand untimely bubbly and Franconian bratwurst Festival visitors had a topic of conversation. And almost the Festival management should have been grateful for the incident. Because rare observer of the Festival were to agree that there is this time actually to watch anything special in Bayreuth. . Inspirational source may be found clicking the following

Because of rotten meat scandal – McDonald’s in Beijing: Only fish, no big Macs.

In connection with the rotten meat scandal at a McDonald’s-supplier in Shanghai must renounce Chinese fast-food fans in some stores as classics of the food chain. In Beijing, not chicken, but only fish on Monday in a fast food restaurant in the city centre were to have more beef or Schweinefleischburger. Signs at the ticket offices pointed customers to the reduced offer. In Shanghai there is currently neither beef nor chicken products, said an employee of the delivery services of McDonald’s. To what extent McDonald’s-branches in other places in China by the restrictions are concerned, was initially unclear. The company was unavailable for comment. In China, there are more than 2000 McDonald’s-branches. In Shanghai, the authorities had a factory of a McDonald’s good a week ago-closed supplier because of hygiene concerns. In the premises of the US food producer OSI group, expired meat was been mixed with fresh and delivered to McDonald’s and other fast-food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also was goods with expired shelf-life date to have been tagged. This took out the official news agency Xinhua that the food supervision in Shanghai. The parent company OSI had already a major cleanup at the subsidiary promised at the weekend. So, all products should be taken by Shanghai Hari from the market. Meanwhile, five people were arrested in connection with the scandal. . Additional facts can be inspected visiting

Moscow ordered to pay 50 billion to former Yukos shareholders.

The Russia will have to pay 50 billion dollars for compensation to former owners of the Yukos oil company. This was decided the Permanent Court of arbitration in the Hague, ending a long legal litigation started in 2005. The Yukos was dissolved by the Russian authorities in 2003, after the CEO and major shareholder of the company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was found guilty of tax evasion. The initial request of the shareholders was $ 100 billion. In their view the Kremlin dismissed the Yukos intentionally artificially, fabricating evidence of evasion that led to the Declaration of bankruptcy of the company. Khodorkovsky, who has served nine years in prison and during his captivity has filed several complaints with the European Court of human rights, has sold its shares in Yukos in 2005 and has recently distanced himself from the appeal filed by other shareholders. According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, the Russia will appeal against the decision of the Arbitration Court. According to the newspaper, the Russian authorities will be asked to pay 50 billion dollars of compensation by January 2015. The figure represents more than 10 percent of Russia’s foreign-exchange reserves. . You should click this to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Ebola spreads further: epidemic reached Nigeria.

iinsgesamt people to Ebola, of which 660 disease died became ill in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have almost 1100 © Ahmed Jallanzo / DPA the Ebola epidemic rages on in West Africa and spreads in Sierra Leone. The first death was confirmed in the capital Freetown by the virus, how the authorities informed on Sunday. In neighboring Liberia, a U.S. doctor with the deadly virus infected. In addition to the 33-year old doctor, also a missionary was infected, which was responsible for the disinfection of protective suits in a hospital in the capital of Monrovia as the charitable Christian Foundation reported by Samaritan’s purse on Sunday. According to a spokeswoman for the Organization, both patients are in stable condition. Lagos in Nigeria, the first Ebola deaths was reported on Friday in the metropolis. total Leone and Guinea became ill so far almost 1100 people in Liberia, Sierra on Ebola, which until July 20, 660 on the disease died. It is the first time for decades, spreading the highly contagious Ebola virus in the region. In disease the infected suffer diarrhea, fever, muscle pain and in severe cases of internal bleeding and organ failure. After the first death by Ebola in Nigeria are airports and ports in the West African country on alert. Specialists were used to identify travellers with symptoms of the virus, Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said on Saturday. On Friday, the death of a man suffering from Ebola was confirmed, which travelled from Liberia. . You must check the following to discover more on this interesting subject.

Istat, in July improves the confidence of Italian firms: the highest from August 2011.

Improves the confidence of Italian firms. It communicates the Istat explaining how in July 2014 composite index of confidence of Italian firms (Iesi, Istat economic sentiment indicator), rises to 90.9 points from 88.2 in June. A cos level up you recorded from August 2011. In particular, the index increases for businesses of market services, construction and commerce but in slight decrease in manufacturing businesses. Also improves the confidence of retail that back in July to the highest level for over three years (April 2011). It still detects Istat that signals an estate in both retailing and traditional. Are the reviews on sales while falling expectations for the future. Resizing the inventories. Also for the trust services at the top for three years (July 2011) and fewer businesses perceive obstacles to production: are the 61% in the second quarter against 62% in the first. Among the reasons of impediment weighs increasingly demand failure (59% compared to 51% in the previous quarter), while 27% have stable financial constraints and declining the other pleas. . Similar data can be read reading website.

Weather: floods and landslides in the Center-South. Lightning kills young climber in Molise.

-The last weekend of July, disappoints as those that preceded it. Little sun and half-empty beaches, but victims of flooding and landslides in the South this summer that just don’t want to get. The last area to be affected, in the last hours, was that of a young man of Termoli (Campobasso), Marco Berardo, 24 years old, was struck and killed by lightning in Frosolone (Isernia), in località Colle dell’Orso, during a rock-climbing enthusiast was great. Berard, a university student from Duronia, Campobasso was attempting to climb a cliff of Colle dell’Orso, the ‘ Square ‘ Greasy when it was struck by lightning. Difficult relief efforts due to bad weather and the mountainous terrain of the mountainous area: the 118 Molise asked, therefore, the intervention of air ambulance in Pescara, but the wind and rain prevented the aircraft from approaching the area of the accident. Useless attempts of doctors to revive the boy. Affected by the maltempoanche, in particular the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo. Torrential rain in Ascoli city, notably in the area east of Mounds: a car with an elderly couple trapped in a flooded underpass in Campolungo is taken to safety by firefighters. Heavy rains in San Benedetto del Tronto and Ascoli-Expressway along the sea, with the water reservoir road and motorists forced to stop at road side. Servigliano is also struggling with flooding of basements and a landslide between Republic Street and via Oberdan: firefighters are working to rescue a stranded family. Comune di Jesi has set up procedures to be submitted to the region for the request of a State of emergency and counts the damage caused by tornado in Minonna Village. The situation is returning to normal, and when one is still displaced families, while others in these hours are returning to their homes. Some forty dwellings which suffered roof damage due to whirlwinds, and many vehicles damaged. Further South, the situation is not better: a tornado was recorded at Ascea, in. There were teams of firefighters of the detachment of Vallo della Lucania to visits and inspections of the damage. Strong gusts of wind ripped down part of the ceiling of a house in Viale Magna Greece. the building has been cleared as a precaution. Inconvenience to vacationers and tourists because of strong winds. There are uprooted trees and loose tiles in other homes. A downpour hit in the afternoon in the Southeast causing flooding of apartments and cantinole. Mola di Bari, Turi, Putignano, Wednesbury and Cat are the most affected municipalities. Numerous interventions also firefighters to rescue stranded motorists. Was closed, meanwhile, the chasm that opened yesterday in downtown due to bad weather and corso di Porta Romana has returned to be entirely practicable. The scrape of Municipality have tidied up and filled the deep gash 12 feet that yesterday had led to the evacuation of three palaces and pit flooding, caused by heavy rain which had probably did give a wooden bulkhead on the third floor of underground parking. Was then reduced the fenced area and the road was reopened in both directions. . Little good news for the next few days: tomorrow is expected to rapidly increase in cloudiness a bit on all regions of the North, the most intense contemporali on the Piedmont and Lombardy from the afternoon; also compact veils will affect the Emilia Romagna. In the Centre and on Sardinia skies cloudy afternoon unless local instability along the Apennine Ridge with the crowds during the day and even thundery phenomena, but rapidly dissolving. To the South and Sicily the sky will clear and clear on most regions except more compact cloudiness local during the Central hours of the day on the reliefs. . The minimum increase slightly to the North, the small decrease in the Southern Tyrrhenian regions, without significant variations over the remaining zones; increase maximum in the Centre-North and over Sardinia, more marked on Emilia Romagna, in slight flexion on Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta, stationary in the South. . slight the Adriatic; moved others locally very choppy seas, the Strait of Sicily. Has already begun counting the damage of the latest wave of bad weather between the Jesi and from Senigallia. The bomb of water and hail, informs the Coldiretti, has affected in particular vineyards and olive trees, with percentages of damage that in some companies came at 30-40% of production. The bad weather did not spare even the vegetables. In the area of Jesi, devastated by Tornado, there are problems for vegetable fields and seed-bearing crops. Coldiretti underlines that for four years the campaigns of brands are devastated by natural disasters. The flood of 2011, the exceptional snowfall of February 2012, followed by a disastrous summer drought. In November 2013 torrential rain affected the territory, and last may Senigallia was hit by a Flash flood. . You must check this blog to learn extra about this amazing topic.

Reforms, the decisive week. Parallel negotiation about Italicum.

Tomorrow begins the crucial week for constitutional reform. According to the schedule approved by the Conference of group chairmen of the Senate, the Chamber of the Senate will consider the Bill on Senate reform and Tito V della Costituzione from Tuesday (after the ok Monday to Decree culture), with seating-River, from morning to midnight, every day, weekends included. A marathon that on paper, on the basis of quota times decided to curb the filibuster, is 115 hours, of which 80 hours dedicated to voting (amendments are about 7.800). The goal set by the group leaders is that the final vote keep in the August 8, but to many, starting from co-author Roberto Calderoli, the date appears utopian in the absence of an agreement between the majority and opposition. Added to this is the fact that, albeit a bit behind the scenes, the Italicum remains at the center of the diplomatic action of these hours, in parallel to the negotiations in progress on constitutional reforms. The ongoing negotiation beyond the wall against wall created opposition last Thursday with the dramatic protests of oppositions (Sel, alloy, M5S, dissidents and Pd) climbs to the Quirinale Palace to denounce the quotas of the debate in this House, Mr Woods has set up contacts with all parties to ensure that the quota system of the times lead to a standoff with no way out. The ‘ surprise ‘, if you will, will be released from the cylinder of the speakers, in a complex triangulation with the reform Minister Maria Elena Woods, same premier Matteo Renzi and the oppositions. Either way is d-Woods that Renzi have cautioned that if the filibuster continues, the Government is ready to move forward beyond the 8 August, until approval of the measure. But both have open to make changes on "10, 20, 30, 50 points» of merit, provided that the amendments are withdrawn, the obstructive. Mediation points the package of proposals on which agree with the opposition and dissenters Pd and Fi changes to constitutional reforms in the Senate is being defined. Without prejudice no elective Senate (which for Renzi remains one of the lintels of the Reformation) a mediation (not at all obvious, indeed) might be represented by the possibility that in the Regional Council election, voters were given the option of a ‘ dedicated ‘ vote against a candidate ‘ Senator ‘ adviser. Wider audience for the election of the head of State Other theme is how the election of head of State: a Senate of 100 members would deliver a majority wins the elections to the Chamber a chance to be elected a President of the Republic. To avoid the risk, having adjusted the quorum in Committee (an absolute majority is sufficient only the eighth poll, ndr) is planning to expand the audience of the electoral college to 73 MEPs. . For additional on this topic click blog.

Broadband, for the EU the lagging Italy. Also hurt revenues and investments.

Milan-The Italy has made some progress on broadband, but advances at a rate lower than the EU average. Bad even in terms of income and investments, a reduction in the period 2010-2012, while it should be better in terms of the diffusion of broadband mobile, higher than the EU average. E ‘ quanto emerge from tlc market report of the EU Commission covering the period 2012-2013. In particular, we read in the document, the penetration of traditional fixed broadband and new generation are still far below the EU average, and above all Italy is last in the EU with regard to the dissemination of the 30Mps and coverage of access networks of new generation; their progress is slower than that of the rest of the European continent. In addition, the quality of existing broadband lines in terms of speed seems to be very low compared to the EU average, with only 18.4% of subscriptions with speeds greater than 10 Mbps versus 66% in the EU. Brussels, which had included the development of the infrastructure for fast broadband in specific recommendations addressed to Italy in 2013, has encountered so slight improvements in recent months: new generation lines grew 1% to the January 2014 compared to July 2013 and have achieved the 3% of the total. Positive note, rising over the past two years of mobile broadband, which in January this year has reached an altitude of penetration (66.3 percent) the equal to twice that of 2011, and higher than the EU average (61.1 percent). Instead, the trend remains negative revenues of tlc: having lost 3.4% in 2011 and then the 6.1% in 2012, the average revenue per user is seated to 153 euros, well below the EU average of 187, also falling. This, says the report, is due to an increasing spread of flat-rate pricing plans that must compete with the voice and messaging services, such as Skype. In Italy, says Brussels, in the context of an economic crisis the tlc sector revenues continue to decline, and this has also had a negative impact on investment, though at a lower level. These are in fact decreased 2.3% in 2011 and the 0.6% in 2012, against a revival at EU level of 7.8%. In the field of fixed broadband market share of Telecom Italy is in slight decline: went from 53% of 51% in 2012 to 2013 and 50% in 2014. Remains the leading operator for fixed telephony, although the volume of calls fell to 50.7% in 2012 compared to 55.4% in 2011. The mobile telephony sector, where there is dynamic enough competition among operators has reached maturity: the penetration remains at a very high level but now stable (166) in the last two years. For extra insights about this topic click page.

Concordia, Renzi: no celebration, but thank you all. ‘ Undertaking ever, extraordinary Italian engineers».

Today «cannot be certain defined one day with a happy ending. I believe that nobody can celebrate or be happy because we’re going to close a case that resulted in the death of 33 people». He said the premier Mateto Renzi in Genoa for the arrival in port Costa Concordia who still wanted to thank all the State servants», by the armed forces, civil protection volunteers, to the inhabitants of the lily. "It is the moment of gratitude to those who have made the company, for the team of engineers that has designed a unique solution," said Radhi, who added: "the extraordinary quality of so many people brought here the ship after someone else’s fault." Radio: it is not the end but a new beginning Radio, arrived at around 14 aboard a Coast Guard vessel in Voltri-Pra where were going to complete the docking manoeuvres of the wreck of the Costa Concordia, stressed: "it is the day of remembrance of the victims and of gratitude to the inhabitants of Lily and all police forces and voluntary. It is not the day of the conclusion of this story, but it’s a new beginning. " And he added: "this is not a bridge, but the conclusion of a story with so many dead that none of us can forget». Renzi: thank you to all The State servants premier had words of gratitude for all: today I can only say thank you. Thanks to all the State servants, armed forces, civil protection volunteers, to the inhabitants of Ganga, to the entire ‘ published that made possible this extraordinary undertaking». And he explained that "the port of Piombino was not able to accept it." But it won’t be abandoned, because "two military ships ‘ attempt succeeds. "We can get out of the crisis but it should work more" then the President took as an example the operation Concordia to say that Italy can get out of the crisis, as long as you work more. "If we can intervene on bureaucracy, labour, taxation, infrastructures, Italy has a chance to get out of the crisis, which is European, with a step ahead compared to the others, ‘ he assured Renzi, with a note:" it will be the time to say if we are right we or the owls but in the meantime we have to work harder. " Without forgetting that we have proven to be reactive and especially attractive for international investment ". . Similar facts can be inspected checking weblink.

Crash in Ukraine: experts give up to go to the site because of fighting.

While agreement had been reached between the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the pro-Russian separatists for international investigators to access the area of the crash of flight MH17 in the East of the Ukraine, Dutch and Australian police officers finally cancelled Sunday their displacement due to ongoing fighting "the fighting continues. We cannot take any risks,"said Alexander Hug, head of mission of the OSCE on the spot, believing that the security situation"on the road to the site and on the site"was"unacceptable for an unarmed observer mission. According to an AFP photographer, artillery fire were heard Sunday half a mile from the site of the crash of the Malaysian aircraft in the East of of the Ukraine, in an area controlled by pro-Russian separatists.  There was black smoke near the site and people were fleeing. A rebel checkpoint nearby has been abandoned. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot by a missile in Eastern Ukraine with 298 persons on board, including 193 Dutch. The Netherlands were responsible for the process of identifying the victims and the investigation into the causes of the crash.  Quickly, a series of elements led Kiev and Westerners to point the finger the pro-Russian rebels. A group of 30 Dutch forensic experts had therefore to go Sunday on site to work on the identification of the victims. Because if many bodies were already taken to the Netherlands, others are still on the scene the scientific police in charge of the investigation into the causes of the crash she also could not get to the location for security reasons. . Root facts can be found visiting this