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The standoff of South African USW.

Several incidents of violence and vandalism have occurred since the beginning of the strike. But Numsa, the largest South African Union in number of members, defends himself by any intimidation. "We explain to workers that it is important that everyone supporting the movement, because each will benefit from what we get," said simply Wanda Siswana, one of the organizers of the picket lines. The work stoppage concerns about 220. 000 employees of the steel sector of mechanical and key buildings more than 10. 000 companies. A number that increases rapidly in the manufacturing industry (15% of South African GDP), fault of spare parts. Automakers Toyota and Ford were forced to discontinue their production. According to the Federation of the industries of steel and mechanical engineering in South Africa (Seifsa), the strike would cost EUR 20 million per day, and employers argue that it will seriously damage a sector already in difficulty. "The reputation of South Africa among investors is increasingly tarnished by these successive strikes. If we wanted to push companies to move elsewhere, it would not take otherwise, fulmine Economist Mike Shüssler. The worst thing is that workers lose more money in these strikes, lasting several weeks, they earn at the end of the negotiations’. Social movements are not unusual in South Africa, at the time the discussions of wage adjustments by branch of activity. But the positions harden. The USW strike succeeded another movement in the mines of Platinum, which lasted five months. Once again, the negotiations with management failed repeatedly and Numsa has warned that he would not go down below 10% increase for all workers (inflation in South Africa is slightly more than 6%). NUMSA also wants an agreement for one year only – instead of three, usually in the sector, in order to renegotiate salaries each year, and calls for the end of the use of the interim. The Minister of labour, Milfred Oliphant tried to intercede in negotiations to prevent a prolonged movement that could plunge the economy into recession. "Workers have had enough. More than 20 years after the end of apartheid, the economic structure of society has not changed and the system remains based on the exploitation of black labor, particularly because the access to training is very limited, said Sizwe Dlamini, regional Secretary of Numsa in Johannesburg. "Inequalities increase, companies making significant profits, but workers still do not receive a decent salary," added, considering that the African national Congress (ANC) "did not enough to change this" since coming to power in 1994. The powerful Steelworkers Union is increasing its distance from the ANC, still hegemonic party in South Africa. In the general elections of may, Numsa detached from the national trade union confederation (Cosatu), Member of the Government coalition, by refusing to support president Jacob Zuma in his campaign. "Numsa wants to show that it is aligned on the CNA or the Cosatu, and that it is capable of representing a force on the left of the ruling party, said independent political analyst Nic Borain. But workers, many still support ANC, do not want to be used in a political agenda. NUMSA must therefore be cautious. " The positions of the Union and employers seem to be somewhat reconciled these days. But this political dimension adds uncertainty to the outcome of the strike. Of course, it concerns a revaluation of wages and working conditions, but it also allows Numsa said its position on the political spectrum. . Related data can be found clicking

Transatlantic liaison of the Germany.

The United States want to keep their partners on a leash but it is important to understand that they have a truly strategic partner in Europe: Great Britain. Polish, Swedish and Baltic countries should cherish no illusion on this subject. It is no coincidence that Britain is part of the 5 countries, with the United States, the Canada, the Australia and New Zealand, which are excluded from the program listens this means that these countries are not bugged their leaders and citizens of the row under an agreement it a few years ago. The United States ignore long of their partners in Europe, Latin America and Asia and seek above all to ensure their future and their hegemony in the world, says Alexandre Goussev, Director of the Institute of strategic planning, Professor and doctor in political science. In the latest scandal in date, Berlin had attempted to be rebiffer but immediately handed to the step. But there is reason to believe that a cooling occurred in German, considers relations Dimitri Danilov, Director of the Department of the Institute of Europe European security: the situation is serious enough, the public does not want to calm down and we must respond to the report of the political forces in Germany. In addition, all realize that the Obama administration has no future before it. Therefore, it can be bold with it, even resume the dialogue with the next administration. Equipped with a margin of one year and a half to two years, the Germany can obviously capitalize on the political and diplomatic autonomy from the United States. . For extra insights regarding this subject check reference.

“The FBI was paying Muslims to carry out attacks.” The complaint of Human Rights Watch.

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001 the FBI encouraged, and sometimes even paid, American Muslims by nationality in order to commit terrorist attacks. The complaint comes from the organization Human Rights Watch, which in a detailed report, reveals how many of the 500 cases of terrorism held in American courts after September 11, "the Justice Department and the Fbi have involved American Muslims in anti-terrorism operations, clandestine, so that is an abuse, based on religious and ethnic affiliations," the report says. The dossier, prepared in collaboration with the Human Resources Department of Columbia University, examined 27 cases, process surveys. According to HRW tactics devised by the Fbi not only represent an abuse "but are also counterproductive." Andrea Prasow, Deputy Director for Human Rights Watch in Washington, during the presentation of the dossier said: "the Americans have been told that the Government would guarantee their safety with preventive action and prosecuting acts of terrorism in the United States. But a closer look shows that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not encouraged by law enforcement, pressured and sometimes even against payment ". In the cases examined, the 50% of convictions resulted from covert operations and in 30 per cent of those cases had a 007 direct role in the plot. In particular the non-governmental organization document cites the case of four Muslim New Yorkers accused of organizing attacks in a u.s. military base and several synagogues. The judge in that case said that the Government was to denounce the crime, gave evidence and has removed all obstacles and, in the process, has transformed into a terrorist clown of Shakespearean dimensions ". For Human Rights Watch, in fact, often the FBI took aim at people with mental problems or a very low IQ. . For additional insights about this subject click link.

The reality is not enough – virtual Guide: this technique revolutionized the driving.

"Germany is invested in unfortunately hardly in augmented reality", so Anett Gangadharan Maslov by Metaio, an AR specialists from Munich, Germany, on the DLD women. "Many companies see the technology previously only available as small gimmick. And that’s a shame, because AR can be very useful. "So, for example, augmented reality is used in training for medical students. A lifeless doll becomes a real patient who can interact with the students. In this way learning currently aspiring physician at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Europe is however cautious with AR technology as America or Asia. In Japan, children’s books with digital content will be enriched, for example, for several years. With a special app, kids can scan the book page, and a 3D model brings the story to life. The "sunshine Aquarium" in Tokyo relies on digital penguins that walk before the visitors and show him the way to the Aquarium. But also in Germany first approaches of the new technology can be seen: many LEGO stores have now available a display with camera in the store. If you hold a LEGO box in front of the camera, the display shows the model in 3D on the box and the virtual LEGO figures Act set of blocks. Also the Swedish furniture store IKEA uses AR to present its products. Special furniture is equipped with a 3D-Zeichen in the catalog, you can scan with the IKEA app. Then you can freely move the piece of furniture in your home, look where it best fits. . You must check this resource to discover extra about this amazing matter.

Coronavirus seas: traces of the virus in the air of a shelter to camels.

Researchers said Tuesday they found genetic traces of the dangerous seas coronavirus, whose mode of transmission remains mysterious, in the air of a building that had housed a sick camel in Saudi Arabia. The results of this research, published in the journal of the American Society of Microbiology mBio, emphasize the need to consider the potential transmission of the respiratory virus by air. According to a recent assessment of who, from September 2012, 701 cases of coronavirus seas (making at least 249 deaths) were confirmed in the world. For this new study by Esam Azhar, Professor at the Medical University of Jeddah, researchers conducted surveys in a barn in camels belonging to a man who died of the seas. Four of his animals had symptoms of the disease, including nasal discharge. Their owner had directly applied a drug on the nose of one of the sick camels a week before falling ill himself. The first survey conducted by scientists, on 7 November, the day where one of the camels has tested positive to the seas, has shown that genetic fragments of the virus were present in the air. However, surveys in the following days showed more traces of the virus, signs perhaps that the presence in the air of the seas is either very short or intermittent, according to Mr. Azhar. This discovery calls other studies and other measures to prevent possible contamination of this deadly virus by air, he added. Previous research suggested that the virus could spread directly from animal to human. -Mysterious origin – coronavirus seas is considered a cousin, more deadly but less contagious, SARS. The latter had nearly 800 deaths worldwide in 2003. Cases of infection have been identified in several countries, including the Jordan, Egypt, the Lebanon, the United States, the Algeria, the United Arab Emirates or the Iran, but the majority of the people affected had travelled or worked in Saudi Arabia recently. There is currently no treatment for the virus, whose origin remains mysterious. The transmission of the virus could be done by the camels, according to the research, but this is not officially confirmed. While the animal reservoir where the seas continues has not yet identified, some researchers cite the bat as possible other source. . You should check this to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Cultivation of cannabis for seriously ill patients: legalize it!.

However, the permission is for many of these patients no worth. Because cannabis from pharmacies is too expensive for sick people, the health not caused or little work. Because the funds usually does not assume the costs of around 600 euros a month. Grow cannabis themselves would be an alternative for the patient. But that’s not allowed. The Cologne Administrative Court decides whether it stays that way, on this Tuesday. But it is not about, to trivialize the consumption of cannabis. We are talking about people like Ralf Herrmann. He is seriously ill, other drugs made him aggressive, he was afraid of the own emotional outbursts. With cannabis, he can curb his symptoms so far that he can work again. Decides the Cologne court today in his spirit, it would be the first time that a sick person receives permission to self cultivation in Germany. His lawyer calls the milestone. You might say even more: it would be an overdue progress in drug policy. . Original data may be read checking the following homepage.

Prohibit unlawful entry to the beach for dogs. It says the Tar of Reggio Calabria.

Holidaying alone or with our four-legged friend? And how do if at the beach Trusts is not welcome? Every year animal lovers must reckon with the usual problems are on the rise: despite the bathing establishments that accept dogs, there are still those who don’t want to learn anything. A little drama for dog lovers, which of course have to calibrate their holidays on the presence of "man’s best friend". So, given the continuing difficulty in being accepted by the chalet, in calabria a few animal decided to give battle and summoned the Tar against an Ordinance of the Town of Melito Porto Salvo that forbade access to the beach for dogs. Well, the judges gave reason to animal rights, arguing that the restriction in respect of the animals on the beach "is a limitation not allowed freedom of movement of individuals". Moreover, the members of Tar have reported how, in Calabria, in 1990 a law was passed establishing the anagrafe canina and "that aims to make the Region a correct relationship between man and animal-environment". According to the judges the choice to prohibit the entry of animals "and consequently to their owners or keepers, on the beaches for bathing, free is unreasonable and illogical, irrational and disproportionate addition: the Administration ought to consider whether it is possible to pursue the aims of public decorum, hygiene and safety using alternative rules to the absolute prohibition of frequentation of the beaches, such as considering whether to restrict access to certain times, or browse to access areas of the animals, identification of no-go areas back to their access ". . Related facts can be found clicking

Financial crisis: China fight debt with debt.

Bank debt are frowned upon in China. If you would like to afford something must have achieved before the necessary money. Consumer loans are granted so rarely in the world’s second largest economy until today. Who wants to buy a car, for example, enters the business of the dealer with a suitcase full of money. And even who is buying an apartment, usually before so much money saved or relatives scraped together that only a relatively small bank loan must be recorded. The average debt ratio of private households is accordingly low. Especially the speed with which China’s debt rise is threatening. To compensate for the loss of export in the wake of the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, the Beijing Government had set up a big stimulus package – especially for the road, rail, energy, and housing. Has indeed stabilized economic growth, but driven the debt higher. Calculations of the US credit rating agency Fitch according to China’s total debt in the gone six years by more than 60 percent rise. Experts draw parallels to Japan in the second half of the 1980s as the debt within five years to 45 percent rose and South Korea with a similar development ten years later. Both resulted in a severe financial crisis. Officially the Government has rejected similar always warnings of a potential debt crisis in southern Europe. China differs essentially from southern Europe, Beijing argues. And indeed: indebted households such as in Spain, also not leaders such as Portugal or Greece, but above all the State-owned enterprises are not so much. And because they have taken the debt to state banks, the Central Government of the Central subordinate to her can instruct at any time, to take over the debt. . You must read the following to read extra about this amazing subject.

Award-winning travel photos: feel the sand under your feet.

In London, you can travel the whole world currently – the impressive exhibition travel photographer of the year at the Royal geographical society. The award-winning travel pictures of international amateur and professional photographers take one immediately captivated. Even more. If you look at the pictures, it seems, you could dive into it. And one feels transported to the places, where they have arisen. The contest travel photographer of the year is the world’s most prestigious travel photography competition. Anyone can join and send his best recording. The youngest participant, which 2012 made with the competition and its screen is now in London, is 14 years old. The photographs shown in the Royal geographical society are the winners of the year 2013. An expert jury chose the best shots from talented photographers from over 100 countries. For the year 2014 so you can, if you like to travel and photograph, now submit your images. Maybe your photo on a wall of the London exhibition spaces depends on then next year. A great honor – 48 000 people visited the exhibition last year, 11 000 of them on the last weekend. Who wants to own works inspired or just to impress leave: the exhibition is until August 17. . For extra facts regarding this matter click

Exercises against tension: fit in the Office.

Now the upper body moves to the right in one direction, until it goes no further. Employees should take deep breath. On the exhale, they turn slowly left in the other direction. This exercise and all other can be repeated ten times on a working day, Rau says. For this exercise, we used a small towel that professionals hold two corners and take the longer edge in the neck. The towel is pulled along on the cheek bones forward until it tightens. Now pull the hands up and down, and followed by the head of the movement. In this exercise, the neck vertebrae are mobilized, Rau says. She should be repeated several times and the position of the edge of the towel in the neck can vary. What many people don’t know: the cause of the pain comes mostly from the cervical spine. However, an exercise in sitting or standing will help: A hand rests in the basin, the other hangs on the body. The head leans to the side on the hand in the basin is located. The shoulder with the adjacent arm is then pulled vertically upwards and back down again. Once the nerve in the first three fingers of the hand or the muscles in the neck, tingles, employees pull up the shoulder again. Despite these exercises, employees should remember to exercise after work. Back-gentle sports are about swimming, cycling or hiking. The exercises in the Office as well as sports in leisure is the feel-good factor, says Lady: employees leave out what pushes and is uncomfortable. They should intensify what makes them fun. . You should read this link to discover more about this interesting matter.